Indian Recipes

Indian Recipes.

Tasty Indian Recipes

Indian Recipes

Do you want to make delicious Indian recipes? We have some amazing recipes for you to make. We will show you how to make some amazing recipes. And because we also include the full instructions, ingredients, and nutritional information you will find everything you need in one place.

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Mulligatawny soup recipe. Serves 4 – Prep Time: 15 mins – Cooks in 55  mins.

With some of the following ingredients, Onion, Carrot, Chicken, and Curry powder. This brilliant Indian soup is packed with flavour. You can change the spice level to your own taste. 

Chicken Curry Recipe. Serves 2 – Prep Time: 15 mins – Cooks in 30-35 mins.

With some of the following ingredients, Chicken, Tomatoes, Mushrooms and spices. Because this is so simple to make and delicious to eat you will love it and make it time after time.

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Vegan Recipes

These Plant-based Breakfast Recipes are quick and easy to make. These recipes show that whole-food plant-based meals are healthy, tasty, nutritious, and filling. Because these breakfast recipes are full of fruits, whole grains, nuts, and spices they are perfect for eating every day for breakfast.

These Plant-based Salad Recipes are quick and easy to make. These recipes show that whole-food plant-based meals are healthy, tasty, nutritious, and filling. Because these salad recipes like the Potato salad recipe, are full of vegetables, potatoes, herbs, and nuts they are perfect for every day.

These Plant-based Soup Recipes are quick and easy to make. The recipes show that whole-food plant-based meals are healthy, tasty, nutritious, and filling. These Vegan soup recipes are packed with vegetables, potatoes, and herbs. As a result, these soups are great for everyday meals. Excellent soups that are hearty and spicy. They are soups to warm you from the inside out. Above all, they can help to keep you healthy.

For quick and easy to make vegan sandwiches. Use these whole-food, Plant-based recipes. These recipes show that whole-food plant-based meals are healthy, tasty, nutritious, and filling. Recipes like the roasted chickpea wrap are perfect for everyday meals. Above all, the recipes are full of vegetables, beans, and fruits. Therefore, they are the perfect addition to any meal plan.

Kitchen Accessories

Here you will find a list of useful Kitchen accessories and these are under the ‘Really useful stuff’ heading. You can either follow this link or use the heading at the top of the page. Also on this page, you will find convenient links to the products shown.

Some of these items are everyday items for your Kitchen. You will also find that some that are not everyday items. However, these will make life easier when following the recipes in the plans and diets we have put together.

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Hi, My name is Chris. I found my love for cooking when I was younger. I worked as a pot washer in an Italian Restaurant and it did take long to be Inspired by the amazing chefs I worked with. The food they made was delicious and so different from anything I had before. I made the move up to commis chef and it didn’t take long until I was ready to progress to an assistant chef. I happily worked at the restaurant for 4 years soaking up as much information as I could. That was until life took over and 25 years of sales beckoned but this never to the love away from cooking. Using many a spare hour or two I spent years in the kitchen cooking and experimenting. I always found it hard to remember where I found recipes that I was making. no matter how long I spent going from website to website I always struggled to find the same recipe I loved. So many years later I have decided to make this website I have found amazing recipes and organized them into easy sections so you can always find what you want. You will find many types of recipes here from quick weeknight meals to simple frozen air fryer meals and then some more involved recipes that will take longer to make and test your skills. I wanted to make sure that both beginners and more confident cooks can easily find delicious recipes without the frustrations of not being able to find them again. I have also found some stunning recipes that you may not be on bigger sites so if you are looking for something new and fresh then please feel free to have a look around. There literally are thousands of awesome recipes from around the world.

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