Vegan Recipes


So it really is not going to be as hard as you think, especially with detailed plant based vegan recipes to follow. However, just like anything new, it also takes time to adapt. It also takes time for it to become a habit and eventually a lifestyle. This doesn’t happen overnight and it takes time to get used to it.

Also keep in mind that apart from your mindset, your body will also have to adapt to it, too. So when you do switch to a plant-based vegan diet, there will be times when you yield to a craving.

However, that’s ok, because it’s about the change, focus on the times that you didn’t yield. Because the positive steps forward will far outweigh any times you take a step back. You will find that in time you’ll find yourself on the way to a 100% whole, food plant-based diet. In addition, you will also reach the fitness goals you’re chasing.


Are you are somebody that has watched quite a few food and animal agriculture documentaries. Then you will also know about some of the health benefits of switching to a meat-free diet. However, maybe you don’t feel ready for the change yet. If so, then here are some facts that will give you the extra push to make the change.

Increased Weight Loss, Plant Based Diet

By slightly reducing your intake of animal-based products. For instance, a modest reduction of red processed meat will then lower the risk of obesity.

Yes, there are vegan foods sources that are high in fat too. However, there are many reasons why thousands of people are making the switch to a whole-food, plant-based diet.

And a rich fiber diet is a lot more filling too. This is because you are less likely to eat more calories than your body needs. Also, fibrous foods are low in saturated fat.

There was a recent study from the University of Copenhagen. This showed people who ate patties made from fava beans were eating fewer calories than those who ate patties made from pork.

Increased Energy Levels, Plant Based Diet

For instance, people who follow a plant-based diet are likely to have higher energy levels. More so than those who don’t. Also, if you are feeling lethargic this could have a fair amount to do with your diet.
Cutting meat out means that you need to find replacements that offer more nutrients. For instance, It’s proven that you can increase your energy levels by eating the following. Grains, beans, lentils, nuts a wide variety of fruits, and leafy greens.

Live Longer, Plant Based Diet

Are you starting to feel your morality? Because if so then now is the time to make that change. A change that will also help you to live a healthier and longer life.
There are plenty of studies that have been done. In fact, these prove that people who eat a whole, food plant-based diet live 4-7 years longer than others. This also includes those who limit their intake of tobacco and alcohol.

Vegan Recipes (Protein)

plant based diet

Vegan Recipes

Protein is the building block for muscle. In fact, you don’t need meat to get the required protein for packing on muscle mass. This is because it is very easy to get plenty of protein from grains and vegetables.

There are two types of protein complete and incomplete protein.
Vegans can get the complete amino acid profile which are found in complete proteins. They are the building blocks of essential amino acids we need to build muscle and recover. There are a lot of
substitution meats and vegan protein powders that are a complete protein.

There are also grains and vegetables that are complete proteins too. For example, quinoa,
amaranth, soybeans, buckwheat, hempseed, and much more. Even a mixture of pea protein
and brown rice protein together creates a complete essential amino acid profile. This makes
it a complete protein. Below are just a few samples of products that contain a good
amount of protein.

Check out this list of the top vegan protein products.

Extra-firm tofu – 50g protein / 5g carbs / 25g fatTempeh – 40g protein / 24g carbs / 24g fat
1 cup Lentils or cooked split peas – 20g protein / 40g carbs / 0g fat
Raw fusion protein powder – 21g protein / 5g carbs / 0.7g fat

Above all, you will find many vegetables and grains that are also high in protein too. But, they will be
announced when we talk about carbohydrate recommendations.

Vegan Recipes (Carbohydrates) Plant Based Diet

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We have different types of carbohydrates simple carbs and complex carbs. Simple carbs are found in high starchy foods for example, bananas or white potatoes, white bread and sugar, or sweets.

So are these foods bad? Well, it depends on their purpose. For example, if an athlete or a fitness enthusiast wanted some energy to work out. This would be a good time to consume simple carbohydrates. Because they are the quickest source of energy that is broken down in the body. The body will use the sugar as fuel for the performance that the individual needs.

Complex carbs are slow-burning carbs. For instance, they too are made up of sugar but, the sugar molecules are in a long complex chain. Complex carbs also provide more nutrients vs simple carbs. Also if you’re an athlete or fitness enthusiast this is a great source of energy. This energy will be stored in the liver when not being used but if not used it will turn into fat. Therefore, when losing weight this is a great source of food you want to use! There are so many benefits when consuming complex carbs.

Here is a list of top carbohydrates:

1 Slice of Eurea! Grainiac Organic Bread, 4g protein / 13g carbs / 1.5g fat
2 oz Organic Brown Rice Pasta, 4g protein / 43g carbs / 1.5g fat
1 Cup of oats – 10g protein, 54g carbs / 2.5g fat
1 Cup of organic brown rice, 5g protein / 43g carbs / 1.5g fat

Others include:
Organic Spinach, Kale, Bell Peppers, Onions or Broccoli, and any vegetable is highly recommended!

Vegan Recipes (Fats)

showing preperation of high protein vegetables

Vegan Recipes

Fats are an important part of a healthy diet and they play a vital role in our body. For example, it helps with better brain function, makes bones become stronger, and it helps build a stronger immune system. We can get all of our essential fatty acids through the right food selections.

Here is a list of top fats:

Flax Seed Oil 1 Tbsp – 16g fat
Flax Seeds – 3g protein / 8g carbs / 3g fat
Hemp Seeds – 3g protein / 0g carbs / 5g fat
Chia Seeds – 3g protein / 5g carbs / 3g fat
1 Coconut Oil – 14g fat
Avacado x1 – 24g fat
1 Tbsp of Olive Oil – 14g fat
1 Almond – 0.7g fat

Make sure get everything Organic or Non GMO’s as possible

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