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Welcome to Your New Foods. My name is Chris.

I found my love for cooking when I was younger. I worked as a pot washer in an Italian Restaurant and it didn’t take long to be Inspired by the fantastic chefs I worked with. 

The food they made was delicious and so different from anything I had before. I moved up to commis chef and was soon ready to progress to assistant chef. 

I happily worked at the restaurant for four years, soaking up as much information as I could. That was until life took over and 25 years of sales beckoned but this never to the love away from cooking.

Using many a spare hour or two, I spent years in the kitchen cooking and experimenting. I always needed help remembering where I found recipes that I had made. 

No matter how long I spent going from website to website, I always needed help finding the exact recipe I loved.

So, many years later, I have decided to make this website yournewfoods.com. I have found fantastic recipes and organized them into manageable sections so you can always find what you want. 

You will find many recipes here, from quick weeknight meals to simple frozen air fryer meals. Some more involved recipes will take longer to make and test your skills. 

I wanted to ensure that both beginners and more confident cooks can easily find delicious recipes without the frustrations of being unable to see them again.

I have also found some stunning recipes that may be on more prominent sites. 

So, if you are looking for something new and fresh, please feel free to look around. There are thousands of incredible recipes from around the world.


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