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Thinking of changing how you approach the whole business of eating new foods?

Maybe becoming flexitarian, pescatarian, vegetarian or vegan? Perhaps you want to try a new diet like the Keto or Paleo diet?

Are you keen to switch to healthy low-carb dishes, or maybe to concentrate on foods that can help build muscle mass? Or maybe you simply want to indulge in foods from far-flung corners of the world.

Whichever it is, your journey starts here at Your New Foods.

We’ve assembled fabulous recipes, brilliant articles, and endless invaluable information, all designed to introduce you to your new way of eating…and to keep you coming back for more.

So whether you’re looking for fascinating recipes from Sri Lanka, the best fruit and veg to boost your vitamin intake, or how to create something amazing with vegan ‘cheese’, this is where you’ll find it.

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So, what’s it to be? Vegan dishes you never imagined could taste so good? Low carb creations high on flavour? Paleo-friendly foods to whet your appetite? Or simply new ways to get more from your everyday favourite foods? Look no further…we’ve got them all on our menu.

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Arrived home with a haul of fresh veg from the market? Got a fridge full of cheese left over from Christmas? Fancy conjuring up something spectacular from eggs, or from yogurt, or from a juicy ribeye steak? Here’s where you’ll get your inspiration…Recipes by ingredient.

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Tex-Mex or Thai. Chinese or Creole. Indian or Indonesian. Pacific Rim or Punjabi. It doesn’t matter where in the world your taste buds are taking you, this part of our Your New Foods website is a passport to some of the most mouth-watering ideas and dishes on the planet!


There are few foods more comforting and enjoyable than bread, so for instance, whether it is a warm piece of focaccia dipped in olive oil, a sandwich on a chewy baguette, a flaky croissant, or even the simplest slice of toast with butter… Just thinking about these foods makes your mouth water!


With over 470 easy-to-prepare Paleo recipes and a 10-week meal plan, you can stop stressing about your food, and start enjoying the healthy energetic body, weight loss, mental sharpness, and positive attitude you gain from eating only wholesome, natural ingredients that truly nourish.

Paleo Diet - Paleo Grubs and Paleo Cookbook


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