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Amazing Cookie recipes form around the world perfect for all occasions that everyone will love

Cookies are a staple of the modern diet. They come in myriad flavors, shapes and sizes. We love them plain, with icing, with chocolate chips or nuts, or any other number of additions. But where did Cookie Recipes come from?

Cookies are thought to have originated in 13th century monasteries in Europe. The monks found that the leftover pastry dough was a delightful treat for the children in their care. The popularity of cookies spread throughout Europe as people realized how easy it was to make them at home. Cookies became such a common food that it became impossible to track their origins or even the number of varieties.

The word “cookie” comes from Dutch and means “little cake.” The name caught on when English settlers arrived in New Amsterdam (now known as New York). 

This simple treat has been said to be one of mankind’s greatest inventions. Cookies are relatively inexpensive, easy to make, and very versatile. They can be made sweet or savory and there are numerous variations for all tastes and occasions.

 Most people do not realize that there is an art to making cookies. It is not simply a matter of throwing some dough on the cookie sheet and popping them into the oven. Cookies should be golden brown on top, but still soft and chewy

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