Category: Cocktail Recipes

These Cocktail recipes cover all aspects of cocktails. But what cover’s them is the fact that they will be spread out over different seasons. (Fall, summer, winter, and spring). Each season will cover the concepts behind it. Like “easy” or “classic” to help organize the recipe in different ways. Or even something easy to make last-minute. Our cocktail recipe round-ups will surely have something tasty for you.

A cocktail is an alcoholic mixed drink that contains two or more ingredients. Here you can find blogs on all sorts of cocktails. Whether you are making cocktails for special events or seasonal events. Non-alcoholic cocktails, and even based on what spirit you like. The best cocktails need just a few simple ingredients and a little imagination. Now you can start to create the drinks of your dreams with this cocktail recipe round-up. From classic cocktails to fall favorites. There’s plenty here to help you concoct the perfect drinks for every occasion.

If you Want to find cocktails based on your favorite spirit. We have plenty of round-ups based around the main spirit used. Whether you want to make cocktails with Rum, cocktails with Vodka, cocktails with Gin, cocktails with Tequila, cocktails with apple cider, cocktails with whisky, cocktails with bourbon, cocktails with lemon cello, cocktails with prosecco, or even cocktails with champagne.

Once you have an idea of flavor pairings from making these recipes. Perhaps you have been experimenting and using the knowledge you have learned from these recipes and you have now made your own collection of recipes. The hope is that you will be able to find the resource you want on this site using it time and time again and of cause sharing with all your friends and family.