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Cocktails With Whisky

Cocktails With Whisky are one of the bescocktails for that amazing depth of flalvor.

These amazing cocktails are all based around Whisky. Classic to modern, and classic with a twist! 

Cocktails can be similar and even called the same. But they can still be made differently.

That leaves it down to personal preference. Which whisky cocktail is best?

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Best Cocktails
With Whisky

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Bourbon Mint Lemonade

13. Bourbon Mint Lemonade

A sweet and refreshing summer cocktail, using bourbon, fresh mint and lemons, and a splash of soda.

Whiskey Cider Sour

12. Whiskey Cider Sour

This Whiskey Cider Sour is a delicious fall cocktail recipe. A simple drink with warm flavors that is great for game day and Thanksgiving.

New Old-Fashioned Cocktail with Bourbon

11. New Old-Fashioned Cocktail with Bourbon

This New Fashioned is an herbaceous twist on a classic favorite—the Old Fashioned—with the distinct flavor of honey and fresh aromatics of rosemary.

Christmas Whiskey Cocktail Drink For The Holidays

10. Christmas Whiskey Cocktail Drink For The Holidays

This simple Christmas whiskey cocktail drink is so delicious and so fun to serve over the holidays. Made with simple ingredients, you will love this recipe!

Chocolate Old Fashioned Cocktail

9. Chocolate Old Fashioned Cocktail

Upgrade your old fashioned cocktail with a chocolate twist! Dark chocolate liqueur and a syrup drizzled glass modernize and sweeten up this classic.

Smokey Old Fashioned

8. Smokey Old Fashioned

Smokey Old Fashioned is an earthy twist on a classic whisky cocktail. Easy to make at home without the need for a smoke gun.

Whiskey Sour Cocktail

7. Whiskey Sour Cocktail

Spirits, sweet, and sour come together in 10 minutes to make a delicious cocktail recipe called a Whiskey Sour with a few simple ingredients.

Whisky Sour

6. Whisky Sour

With the whiskey being mixed with lemon juice and simple syrup, then topped with the dreamy, velvety egg white topping, this is a cocktail drink that is full of flavor and looks sensational.

Maple Syrup Cocktail With Whiskey

5. Maple Syrup Cocktail With Whiskey

If you’re looking for a maple syrup cocktail that tastes like maple syrup but has the kick of whiskey, then this is your drink! It’s super easy to make and only takes four ingredients.

Vegan Baileys Irish Cream Whiskey

4. Vegan Baileys Irish Cream Whiskey

Vegan Baileys Irish Cream Whiskey is rich, creamy, sweet, and has no dairy! This is an easy-to-make recipe and is ready in minutes.

Whiskey And Grapefruit Juice. Texas-sized Taste

3. Whiskey And Grapefruit Juice. Texas-sized Taste

Whiskey and grapefruit juice pair together very well. The smooth, smoky taste of your favorite whiskey or bourbon mixes with the tart citrus of grapefruit for a killer combination and distinct flavor profile.

Cranberry Old Fashioned Cocktail

2. Cranberry Old Fashioned Cocktail

This Cranberry Old Fashioned Cocktail is a twist on the classic favorite! A perfect holiday cocktail recipe for Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Special Whiskey Blues Cocktail

1. Special Whiskey Blues Cocktail

This Whiskey Blues Cocktail balances the subtle caramel flavor in your whiskey with the sweet and acidic taste of blueberry, all tied together with the aromatic finish of bitters.

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