Vodka Cocktail Recipes

Vodka Cocktail Recipes. These amazing cocktails are all based around Vodka. Perfect to make for any occasion. Amaze guests with these Vodka Cocktail Recipes

20 - 3 Ingredient Vodka Sour with Fresh Lemon

This 3-Ingredient Vodka Sour relies on three simple, but powerful ingredients to bring you a super fresh cocktail to kick back with.

3 Ingredient Vodka Sour with Fresh Lemon

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19 - Sea Breeze Cocktail Recipe

If you love tropical cocktails, then the Sea Breeze is going to be the drink for you. Sit back and enjoy this drink while dreaming of sitting Oceanside!

Sea Breeze Cocktail Recipe

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18 - How To Make Homemade Hard Lemonade

Love those bottles of refreshing hard lemonade? Well, it’s easy to make your own Hard Lemonade from scratch right at home, too! Whip up some with just a little vodka and a batch of fresh-made homemade lemonade. But be careful — because just like with the bottled hard lemonade, this stuff goes down way too easy

How To Make Homemade Hard Lemonade

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17 - Sangria with Vodka

This red wine sangria is simple to make and always refreshing.

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16 - Cinnamon Pear Liqueur Recipe

Homemade pear liqueur is so easy to make and better than anything you can buy in the store! This cinnamon pear infusion is perfect for fall with a hint of warming spice that still lets the natural pear flavor shine. Use it in cocktails or sip it chilled.

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15 - Watermelon Vodka Cocktail

Watermelon Vodka Cocktail is a refreshing drink with a gorgeous deep red color. Sweet homemade watermelon puree and sour apple liqueur is a match made in heaven.

Watermelon Vodka Cocktail

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14 - Lemon Drop Martini

Lemon drops have always been one of my favorite cocktails! They’re light, refreshing, tangy, and the overall perfect summer drink! This lemon drop martini is also super easy to make.

Lemon Drop Martini

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13 - Cranberry Grapefruit (Vodka) Kiss

Grapefruit infused vodka provides a kiss of citrus to this cranberry drink.

Cranberry Grapefruit (Vodka) Kiss

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12 - Dirty Arnold Palmer (Or Is It A John Daly?)

Just three simple ingredients, quick to mix, and easy to prepare, this Dirty Arnold Palmer is a perfect cocktail for summer sipping. And no matter what you call it – a Dirty Arnold Palmer or a John Daly – it’s just as refreshingly delicious on a hot day as the original Arnold Palmer drink!

Arnold Palmer

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11 - Best Vodka Sunrise

Learn how to make our refreshing and stunning vodka sunrise in just 3 minutes. With vodka, orange juice and grenadine, this is a perfect summer drink. Ideal to enjoy after a long day at work or to serve at a summer party or BBQ. Enjoy with family and friends on a special occasion.

Best Vodka Sunrise

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10 - Sparkling Vodka Margarita

If you love the idea of a margarita but are not a tequila fan, this refreshing and simple Sparkling Vodka Margarita is for you!

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9 - Copycat Olive Garden Tuscan Breeze Vodka Cocktail

This Copycat Olive Garden Tuscan Breeze Vodka Cocktail is a simple cocktail recipe full of tropical flavors. Perfect for a warm day and parties!

Copycat Olive Garden Tuscan Breeze Vodka Cocktail

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8 - Caramel Apple Cider (Vodka Cocktail)

Caramel flavored vodka is the perfect match with apple cider. It’s like a caramel apple in a glass!

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7 - Ginger Vodka and Orange Juice Cocktail

This delicious Ginger Vodka and Orange Juice Cocktail is a spicy-sweet concoction that will have you breathing a sigh of comfort. It’s fruity and refreshing with a bit of spice that brings easy vodka drinks to the next level.

Ginger Vodka and Orange Juice Cocktail

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6 - The Green Irish – A Matcha Vodka Cocktail

This Matcha Vodka Cocktail, The Green Irish, is a fresh new take on a White Russian, with matcha instead of coffee!

The Green Irish – A Matcha Vodka Cocktail

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5 - Pornstar Martini Recipe

There’s something just so wonderful about a pornstar martini cocktail, it’s sweet but sour. Served with a shot of champagne or prosecco on the side, this is a cocktail that certainly makes an entrance!

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4 - Gingerbread White Russian

Gingerbread white russians are the perfect festive cocktail for the holiday season! Shaken with gingerbread syrup, vodka, coffee liquer, and milk, mix these up for holiday brunch, present wrapping, or just because.

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3 - Blood Orange Vodka Sour

Blood oranges just have the most beautiful, vibrant color that makes them perfect for cocktails and desserts (like these blood orange madeleines)! This blood orange vodka sour is light, a little tangy, and super smooth thanks to the egg whites!

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2 - Sparkling Strawberry Martini

Fresh sweet strawberry shaken cold with smooth vodka and topped with just the right amount of sparkling wine. Sparkling Strawberry Martinis are the perfect cocktail for any celebration, especially to toast the New Year!

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1 - Dirty Shirley Cocktail Recipe

We all know the Shirley Temple but the dirty shirley is the grown up version! Delicious and sweet, this drink is definitely one that everyone will enjoy.

Sweet Refreshing Cherry Cocktail Mocktail with Soda Water

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