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Vegetarian Keto Appetizers. 19 Super tasty recipes you don’t want to miss out on. Vegetarian keto appetizers great for family meals, entertaining & holidays

19 - Keto Deviled Eggs Recipe (Spicy and Low Carb)

Deviled eggs make a great Keto snack or appetizer. This Keto Spicy Deviled Eggs recipe is also low carb, gluten free, has clean ingredients and can be made in the Instant Pot or a saucepan.

Vegetarian Keto Appetizers Keto Deviled Eggs Recipe (Spicy and Low Carb)

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9 - Air Fryer Broccoli

Air fryer broccoli is a super easy side dish that goes perfectly well with your meat or chicken dishes. Learn how to make the best air fryer broccoli that will make you fall in love with this vegetable!

Air Fryer Broccoli

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17 - Three Ingredient Keto Pizza Rolls Recipe in Under 10 Minutes! Try adding a few leaves of spinach instead of the meat. This is a great way to make this vegetarian.

Easy Keto Pizza Rolls is a recipe we know you’re going to instantly Bookmark – because this is one you’ll want to make again and again! These pizza rolls deliver fantastic flavors with every bite, without having sky high calories or dropping off your Keto diet.

Vegetarian Keto Appetizers Three Ingredient Keto Pizza Rolls

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16 - Keto Edible Cookie Dough Recipe

This Keto Edible Cookie Dough Recipe is so easy and delicious. It’s perfect for low carb diets and weight loss. Make this raw keto cookie dough recipe for meal prepping and desserts.

Vegetarian Keto Appetizers Keto Edible Cookie Dough Recipe

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15 - Keto Grilled Radishes With Garlic & Dill Butter

These Grilled Radishes are the new hot thing this grilling season and a great side dish for your cookout. Toss aside the potatoes and get these little gems on the grill. You’re going to love them!

Vegetarian Keto Appetizers Vegetarian Keto Appetizers Keto Grilled Radishes With Garlic & Dill Butter

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14 - Cheddar Pecan Almond Crisps (Video)

Cheddar Pecan Almond Crisps are amazingly delicious and they’re perfect for a low-carb cheese cracker that’s a bit fancier for a party!

Vegetarian Keto Appetizers Cheddar Pecan Almond Crisps (Video)

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13 - Vegan Cashew Queso

Cheesy creamy queso dip without the dairy? Yes, it’s possible! This Vegan Cashew Queso recipe shines with taco spices and a velvety texture. Scoop it with vegetables or drizzle on your favorite Mexican dishes.

Vegan Cashew Queso

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12 - Stuffed Greek Cucumber Cups Appetizer (Keto)

These Stuffed Greek Cucumber Cups Appetizer are a fun twist on the classic Greek salad all in one neat bite! They take under 15 minutes and are an easy low carb, keto appetizer to serve at any party!

Vegetarian Keto Appetizers Stuffed Greek Cucumber Cups Appetizer (Keto)

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11 - Mushroom Spread {Easy Mushroom Pate}

Mushroom spread is a creamy holiday dip recipe, made with earthy mushrooms, cream cheese, and spices. Don’t let the gray color keep you from the great taste!

Mushroom Spread {Easy Mushroom Pate}

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10 - Spinach Feta Savory Pancakes

These spinach feta savory pancakes make a great low carb breakfast for those with a savory palate. They also make a healthy light lunch. Spinach and feta make a great flavor combination and can be served as a pancake filling.

Spinach Feta Savory Pancakes

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9 - Keto Flat Bread Pizza Recipe Easy

This Keto Flat Bread Pizza Recipe is so Easy and yummy. It only takes about 20 minutes total of your time. Try this Keto pizza bread for low carb dieting, weight loss, and meal prep. It’s best keto flatbread recipe.

Vegetarian Keto Appetizers Keto Flat Bread Pizza Recipe Easy

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8 - Indian Air Fryer Cauliflower Bites

These air fryer cauliflower bites are perfect as a side dish or an appetizer. They are marinated with Indian spices and cooked to perfection. Check out how to make these vegan and gluten-free cauliflower bites in air fryer.

Vegetarian Keto Appetizers Indian Air Fryer Cauliflower Bites

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7 - Keto Greek Eggplant Dip

Simple and flavorful, this Greek Eggplant Dip shines with hints of lemon and garlic. It’s also keto friendly and vegan!

Vegetarian Keto Appetizers Keto Greek Eggplant Dip

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6 - Crispy Air Fryer Cauliflower

Crispy Air Fryer Cauliflower is so easy to make in the air fryer and it’s a great healthy side dish or snack that makes cauliflower taste like a treat.

Vegetarian Keto Appetizers Crispy Air Fryer Cauliflower Air Fryer Cauliflower

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5 - Blistered Shishito Peppers with Soy Sauce, Sesame & Lime

This blistered shishito pepper recipe is the easiest and tastiest crowd-pleasing appetizer for any occasion! With only 4 ingredients and 10 minutes of your time, you’ll be amazed just how exciting these little peppers can be! They can even be made gluten-free!

Vegetarian Keto Appetizers Blistered Shishito Peppers with Soy Sauce, Sesame & Lime

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4 - Crispy Baked Marinated Artichoke Hearts

Crispy oven-baked marinated artichoke hearts is the easiest recipe ever. It is so simple to cook marinated, canned, or frozen artichoke hearts in the oven on high heat to get crispy outside and tender inside. It is a fun way to prepare artichokes and one of the best ways to cook them up for a warm healthy snack. A quick recipe for anyone that likes finding new ways to prepare artichokes.

Vegetarian Keto Appetizers Crispy Baked Marinated Artichoke Hearts

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3 - Stuffed Mushrooms with Olives and Feta

Stuffed mushrooms are a tasty appetizer, and these Low-Carb Stuffed Mushrooms with Olives and Feta are so easy to make!

Vegetarian Keto Appetizers Stuffed Mushrooms with Olives and Feta

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2 - Baked Buffalo Cauliflower Recipe

Oven-Baked Buffalo Cauliflower Bites are a fun and easy appetizer or snack made with just a few simple ingredients. Fully loaded with all the awesome flavor of chicken wings, these low carb and vegetarian Buffalo Cauliflower Bites have a soft and tender inside and crispy outside.

Baked Buffalo Cauliflower Recipe

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1 - Jalapeno Poppers

These lightened up Jalapeño Poppers have all the cheesy, spicy flavor of the deep fried original. Jalapeños stuffed with a cream cheese filling are covered with mozzarella and baked to tender perfection.

Vegetarian Keto Appetizers Jalapeno Poppers

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