Mexican wedding cookies recipes

Mexican wedding cookies recipes. Wedding cookies recipes that make delicious wedding cookies. Enjoy Mexican wedding cookies that are packed full of flavor & made at home. You don’t have to wait for a wedding to have these delicious cookies. Make them at home whether you are hosting a wedding, a special occasion, party, the Superbowl, or entertaining. Why not make these wedding cookies for a BBQ, they are also perfect for family meals, holidays & all year round. Which is your favorite?

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5 - Pan de Polvo -Wedding Cookies

During the holidays it is always nice to get nostalgic, isn’t it? And it is hard to beat the nostalgic feelings that often accompany old family recipes! Well, my husband, being from southern California and part of a Spanish/Mexican family has always talked about remembering his mom making pan de polvo, or wedding cookies during Christmas. Because I bake, he has always wanted me to try and recreate these cookies during the holiday season. But honestly, they just weren’t anything like I have ever baked before so I was a bit intimidated.

pan de polvo,Mexican wedding cookies recipes

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4 - Mexican Wedding Cookies

Pecans that are held together by butter, flour and sugar. How much better can it get? The second you put one of these Cookies in your mouth it cracks, crumbles and melts with an amazing pecan taste. You can find a version of these cookies in almost any culture. I have heard them called Polvorones or Mexican Wedding Cakes and my Gramma called these Butter Balls. Whatever name you care to call them, they will always be delicious.

almond cookies glutenfree

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3 - Mexican Wedding Cookies with sprinkles

These Wedding Cookies are soft buttery cookies and the version I’m sharing has a rainbow sprinkles upgrade! This is an easy cookie recipe without nuts that is perfect for any occasion including weddings, birthdays, holidays, and potlucks.

mexican wedding cookies

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2 - Lemon-Lime Mexican Wedding Cookies

This version of the cookies has a beautiful twist to the recipe by adding lemon and lime. 

Lemon lime mexican wed cookies

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1 - Polvorones con Anis y Canela - Mexican Wedding Cookies

Polvorones, also known as Wedding Cookies when rolled round and dredged in powdered sugar. My Mom would prepare an almost identical version of this cookie, but we grew up knowing them as hojarascas. The flavors and textures are all the same. The original recipe is prepared with pork manteca (lard), but when the lard ran out, my Mom would use vegetable shortening. For this recipe I used butter and saved my manteca for my carnitas and tamales instead, lol! They can be prepared with or without nuts. Adding the canela and anise gives them a more traditional flavor of Polvorones


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Mexican wedding cookies recipes

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