Gluten-free low carb keto bread

Great News! Because, when you use our Gluten-Free Low-Carb Keto Bread Recipes​ you do NOT have to give up your favorite bread, sandwiches & pizza to follow a 100% Paleo or Ketogenic Diet.

Traditional Bread is the #1 Health Danger In Your Diet and Contains a Hidden Compound that Makes it Nearly IMPOSSIBLE to Burn Fat & Lose Weight!

That’s why I Invested 10 YEARS of My Life toCreate the World’s Healthiest Bread...

TODAY: I Reveal the Secret – So You Can EnjoyDelicious REAL Bread without Worrying aboutYour Health, Your Blood Sugar... or Your Waistline!

Gluten-free low carb keto bread

Keto Breads Book

Gluten-free low carb keto bread

Find out below why Gluten-free Low Carb keto bread recipes book is the only cookbook that you will need.

There are few foods that are more comforting and enjoyable than bread…

Whether it is a warm piece of focaccia dipped in olive oil, or a sandwich on a chewy baguette, or a flaky croissant, or even the simplest slice of toast with butter…

Just thinking about all of these foods makes your mouth water! Similarly, the blissful “intoxication” you experience when you eat bread is real. In fact, because of this you might say bread is the original food addiction.

Traditional bread produces compounds called gluteomorphins. As their name implies, these compounds engage opioid receptors in your brain – the same receptors triggered by drugs.

You can also find very similar compounds in cheese these are called casomorphins.

That would certainly explain the euphoric rush of pleasure you feel when biting into a crusty slice of pizza with bubbly melted cheese!

Pizza is an extremely addictive food with two addictive compounds in every crusty-chewy slice.

Because the blood-sugar spike you get from high-carb bread elevates the “craving neurochemical” it just makes sure you keep coming back for more. 

Therefore, it is no stretch of logic to say that…

Keto Bread Pizza

Gluten-free low carb keto bread

Bread is a Drug that Causes a RepetitiveCycle of Cravings – for More Bread!#

Our love affair with comforting (and addictive) bread is as old as recorded history…

The Bible practically commands followers to eat it: “Give us this day our daily bread…”

It was so revered in ancient Greece, that the rest of the meal was called ópson – which means “condiment” or bread’s accompaniment.

However, that fuzzy glow you feel when you bite into a slice of warm bread is short lived.

And, unfortunately…

Those Few Moments of Toasty-Buttered Bliss Carry a Heavy Price

Well-known cardiologist, Dr. William Davis, calls wheat the perfect chronic poison.

Above all for a poison, we definitely eat lots of it. The average American consumes 55 pounds of wheat flour every year – making refined flour the number-one source of calories in the American Diet!

Functional nutrition expert, Chris Kresser, describes this as “a public health catastrophe,” Which is one you have likely experienced firsthand…

Eating traditional bread can elicit a range of symptoms. It might make you feel bloated, sluggish and foggy headed. Or cause you to gain unsightly fat on your belly, butt and thighs… while packing deadly visceral fat around your internal organs.

Above all part of the reason is because of the…

Little-Known Compound that Makes theGlycemic Index of Wheat among the Highest of ALL Foods

In short, you know how important it is to keep your blood sugar stable. This is because rapid blood-sugar spikes promote a cascade of inflammation and oxidation.

Above all, triggering these forces over and over again dramatically increases your risk for the following. Cancer, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, fatty liver, diabetes, macular degeneration, physical aging (wrinkles) and more!

For Instance, did you know that wheat – including so-called “healthy” whole wheat – spikes your blood sugar more than almost any other food… even when the same number of carbs is consumed?

That’s because 75% of the carbohydrates in wheat are in the form amylopectin A.

Amylopectin A compound is unique because of how rapidly it is transformed to glucose.

According to research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, eating just two slices of whole wheat bread spikes your blood sugar more than drinking a can of soda, eating a candy bar or helping yourself to six teaspoons of table sugar!1

Gluten-free low carb keto bread

Glycemic Index Of Common Foods

And if the threat of diabetes or heart disease and metabolic syndrome is not enough. In addition, the damage traditional bread can do to your gut should make you think long and hard before you butter your next biscuit!

Unfortunately, there is a BIG misconception about bread and your gut.

Above all, it has cost millions of people their health and enjoyment in life…

Gluten-free low carb keto bread

Most “Gluten-Free” Bread May be WORSEFor Your Health than the Real Thing!

Most Gluten-free bread recipes (as well as cereals, crackers, cookies and other snacks) also use ingredients that are not much better, or even worse than those that are made with wheat!

Like other processed foods, they will usually contain chemical preservatives. For instance, soy protein, dough conditioners, inflammatory seed oils, corn and rice syrup and they also often contain GMOs.

And in most cases, they also contain LECTINS!

If your gluten free bread contains flour made from rice, corn, beans, buckwheat, barley, rye, teff or quinoa – then it will be LOADED with gut-punching lectins that you need to avoid!

Some are even more dangerous than the lectins in wheat. That means your favorite gluten-free bread could cause the same health problems as traditional bread.

And that’s not all, because…

Most Gluten-Free Products WillSend Your Blood Sugar Soaring!

In place of wheat, most gluten-free products and recipes also use flours and starches with glycemic values that are off the charts!

Many of these ingredients increase your blood sugar and much faster and higher than wheat itself!

Gluten-free low carb keto bread

Glycemic index of gluten free-foods

Here’s what Dr. William Davis, author of Wheat Belly, has to say about it …

“These powdered starches are among the few foods that increase blood sugar higher than whole wheat. These foods trigger weight gain in the abdomen, increased blood sugars, insresistance, diabetes, cataracts, and arthritis. They are NOT healthy replacements for wheat.”

It’s no surprise why most people actually GAIN weight on a “gluten-free” diet!

In fact, a study published in the American Journal of Gastroenterology showed that 81% of people who adopted a gluten-free diet weighed more at the end of two years!18

You’re about to Discover How You CanHave Your Bread... AND Be Well Too!TM

Gluten-free low carb keto bread

Discover Your New Foods and start to transform your life today. For Instance, you have a choice of either the Digital or Hardback copy of this great value book. Moreover, it contains fail proof formulas, it’s taste tested to perfection, has easy preparation, allergy substitutes and full nutritional information. The Gluten-free Low Carb keto bread recipes book is the only book that you will need.

If all this bread bashing has caused you to swear off buns, biscuits and baguettes forever, I understand.

Because, after all nothing is more important than your health!

But it’d be a shame if you had to miss out on these simple (and delicious) pleasures forever.

The GREAT NEWS is you don’t have to miss out!

Above all, you don’t have to give up your enjoyment of fresh-baked bread because you can use the Gluten-free Low Carb Keto bread recipes.

Real Deal Keto Bread

Gluten-free low carb keto bread

Similarly, you don’t have to forego the pleasure of a hot stack of French toast… a cheeseburger on a REAL bun… or a crusty piece of garlic bread to go with Bolognese and meatballs.

You can also say goodbye to the temptation to “cheat” on your healthy diet, because…

Enjoying these foods can actually HELP you stick to your healthy way of eating!

Even if You Follow the Ketogenic or Paleo DietYou Can Still Enjoy ALL Your Favorite Breads With Gluten-Free Low Carb Keto Bread Recipes

Breakfast Breads
Fabulous Flatbreads
Keto Slider Buns
luxurious loaves

Gluten-free low carb keto bread

The Ketogenic and Paleo Diets are wildly popular for good a reason…

And that’s because they actually do work!

Millions of people have experienced radically improved health and faster fat loss by eating in a way that’s grain-free, low in carbohydrates… and that is aligned with our ancestral genetic blueprint! Personally, I feel and look my best when I follow a PaleoKetogenic way of eating, because I avoid foods our ancient ancestors didn’t routinely consume, like grains. Also I aim for a macronutrient ratio rich in healthy fats, moderate in protein and very low in carbohydrates.

This way of eating can reprogram your metabolism – from a sugar burner to a FAT BURNER!

This is what makes keto so powerful for weight loss! It can also provide MAJOR health benefits. Including protection against cancer, heart disease and diabetes. It improves hormonal balance and nearly every aspect of brain health. 21,22,23,24

And apparently our readers agree…

Over the years, I’ve published dozens of articles and hundreds of recipes for the ketogenic diet. And every time, we receive unsolicited comments and emails from people who RAVE about the benefits!

Here are just a few examples...

5 Stars

“I’ve been on the Ketogenic diet for about five months. I’ve lost about 35 pounds.
I have a LOT more energy and almost all my sugar cravings are gone!”

William R.March 1, 2015

5  Stars

“I love keto! I have tried so many things and never lost weight. This is the first time!
I feel so good and the weight is falling off. My diabetes is more controlled, with less insulin.
I look and feel better and would recommend this way of eating to anyone!”

Deanna B.May 25, 2017

5 Stars

“I’ve been keto for three months and love it! I have lost weight, I feel great and have NO food cravings! In fact,
Going from my usual state of nearly constant hunger to having to remind myself to eat so I don’t get too skinny!”

Melissa S.July 8, 2018

Gluten-free low carb keto bread

There are few things in the kitchen that are worse than spending your time and money to make a recipe that flops, in other words.

I don’t want that to happen to you!

That’s why you can count on…

  • Fail-Proof Formulas – Many recipes for low carb breads just don’t work (or the results are not worth eating). We have also made the instructions extremely clear and provide to-the-gram measurements. So even the most novice bakers can expect outstanding results!
  • Taste Tested to Perfection – We have tasted every recipe over and over until it was perfect. So not only can you bake with confidence and that your results will come out just like the pictures… but you can also be sure that you and your family will love every one of these delicious creations!
  • Super-Easy Prep – Most recipes in Keto Breads™ can be made in just 15 minutes hands-on time, with little more than a mixing bowl and spoon. Then just pop the dough in the oven and wait for the aroma of REAL bread to fill your home!
  • Allergy Substitutions – If you have allergies and food intolerances, it can be difficult to find baking recipes that your body agrees with. We understand this dilemma. Therefore, we also include a section on healthy substitutions for eggs, nuts and dairy.
  • Full Nutrition Info – It can be difficult to track your nutrition on the ketogenic diet. However, we make it easy with complete nutrition information, macronutrient ratios and net carbs per serving. So you can enjoy crusty, buttery bread… AND stay in the keto zone!

When you can bake real bread that's just as good as the original – and when it only takes 15 minutes active time to make – you too will sashay past your favourite bakery without a second thought!

example recipe breads book

Gluten-free low carb keto bread

60 money back

Kelley Herring

Author & Founder

Healing Gourmet

Gluten-free low carb keto bread

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