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28 Best Tuna Recipes

28 Best Tuna Recipes – Are you looking for a wide range of delicious Tuna recipes to make? We have got you covered.

Here you will find a broad range of mouthwatering Tuna recipes. Our tuna recipes are perfect for creating an unforgettable meal that everyone will love.

Try a new recipe and continue searching for more recipes that you will love. 

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28 Best
Tuna Recipes

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Mexican Tuna Ceviche

28. Mexican Tuna Ceviche Recipe

This fresh Mexican tuna ceviche recipe is both delicious and healthy. It’s a great make-ahead appetizer any time of year and is the perfect addition to any Mexican-themed party!

Air Fryer Tuna Steak

27. Air Fryer Tuna Steak

Tasty Air Fryer Tuna Steak. How to cook air fryer tuna steaks either from fresh or frozen. A perfect low carb healthy Mediterranean lunch served with seasoned cherry tomatoes

Seared Tuna with Thai Red Curry Sauce

26. Seared Tuna with Thai Red Curry Sauce Recipe

Beautiful rare tuna sits on top of a flavorful kefir lime & coconut red curry sauce, complimented by a crispy rice noodle cake and a bright, fresh, green salad. Sweet, sour, and balanced by the vinegary dressing, this dish looks intimidating but comes together in twenty minutes.


25. Ahi Poke Recipe

This classic Hawaiian style Ahi Poke Recipe combines raw tuna with classic Asian flavored ingredients for an amazing appetizer.

Tuna and Watermelon Tartare

24. Tuna and Watermelon Tartare Recipe

Juicy sweet watermelon and fresh red tuna are a great flavor contrast on their own, both amped up by the addition of soy sauce and sugar to balance them and further enhanced with the fragrant sesame oil.

Latin-Inspired Ahi Tuna Tartare

23. Latin-Inspired Ahi Tuna Tartare

With a hint of Peru, this Latin-Inspired Ahi Tuna Tartare recipe is a fresh twist on a classic ahi tuna tartare. Sushi grade tuna, ají amarillo chile paste, fresh citrus, ponzu (or soy sauce), and sesame oil provide the Latin-Asian flavors found throughout Peru. It’s quick, easy, healthy, gluten free, and a special appetizer to include on your holiday menu or dinner party!

22. Sriracha Lime Grilled Tuna Steaks Recipe

You only need half an hour to create this delicious grilled Sriracha Lime Ahi Tuna! Spice up your next barbecue with our bright, spicy marinade on tuna steaks. Turn up the heat by adding more Sriracha.

21. Chirashi Sushi Bowl (aka Chirashizushi) main

A delicious and beautiful sushi bowl that’s easy to customize for picky eaters. I’ll walk you through all the fresh and easy ingredients (including sweet mushrooms and Japanese omelet) to make a classic chirashi bowl at home and it’s faster than you think. Use as many or as few of the toppings as you like.

Blackened Tuna

20. Blackened Tuna Recipe

An easy cajun dry rub recipe that works perfectly on seared tuna for blackened tuna tacos!

Tuna Causa Recipe

19. Tuna Causa Recipe

The classic layered Peruvian Tuna Causa Recipe with a twist – citrusy raw tuna tartare and avocado is layered with lime and ají Amarillo infused mashed potatoes. Causa de atún (tuna causa) is elegant in its simplicity and sure to impress! This causa can be served as a starter or as a main dish, and they’re gluten and dairy free!


18. Ahi Tuna Salad

Make this delicious Ahi Tuna Salad with Miso-Wasabi Dressing to create a balanced meal.

Ahi Tuna Salad with Sesame Ginger Dressing

17. Ahi Tuna Salad with Sesame Ginger Dressing

This recipe for ahi tuna salad is seared ahi on a bed of mixed greens with cucumber and carrot noodles, bell peppers, avocado and wontons, all tossed in a sesame ginger dressing.

Sesame Crusted Tuna Buddha Bowls

16. Sesame Crusted Tuna Buddha Bowls

It feels like sushi night at home with these gently seared tune filets on top of grains and veggies!

Rainbow poke bowl

15. Rainbow poke bowl

The nice thing about this rainbow poke bowl is that it can be almost entirely prepared ahead of time. That’s great for dinners when you don’t have a lot of prep time right before serving. And it’s ideal for hot summer evenings when you don’t want to cook.

Tuna Steak With Lemon Caper Sauce

14. Tuna Steak With Lemon Caper Sauce

This vibrant and zingy lemon caper sauce is the perfect accompaniment to this quickly seared tuna steak deliberately cooked very rare and just warmed in the middle. A meal guaranteed to impress on every single level!

Asian Chopped Salad

13. Asian Chopped Salad

A delicious and healthy Asian chopped salad tossed in a tangy soy ginger vinaigrette dressing and topped off with thin slices of seared tuna. It makes a great lunch or light dinner.

Honey and Soy Seared Tuna Steak Recipe

12. Honey and Soy Seared Tuna Steak Recipe

This glorious honey and soy glazed tuna steak is pimped up with a bit of chilli and seared rather than cooked, it is served with garlic braised pak choi and spring onions.

Blackened Ahi Tuna

11. Blackened Ahi Tuna Recipe

Today we are sharing this perfect crumble recipe for Autumn. And what’s more, this gorgeous fruity crumble is both vegan and gluten free!

Albacore Tuna Tataki Bowl

10. Albacore Tuna Tataki Bowl Recipe

This quick and easy Albacore Tuna Tataki Bowl is full of your favorite Asian flavors. Skip the sushi restaurant and make this great meal in your own home!

Low Carb Tuna Mango Poke

9. Low Carb Tuna Mango Poke Recipe

This tuna mango sushi is gorgeous – featuring a rainbow of vegetables and fruits – flavourful, & packed with nutrition. It’s relatively low carb, too!

Sushi Bowl Recipe

8. Sushi Bowl Recipe

This sushi bowl recipe is assorted fresh fish, avocado, cucumber and seaweed, all served over rice with spicy mayo, picked ginger and wasabi. Sushi bowls have all the great flavors of traditional sushi rolls, but with less work!

Ahi Tuna Steak Recipe

7. Ahi Tuna Steak Recipe

Ahi Tuna Steak – an easy, yet elegant, dinner worthy of the most special occasion! Made with Maple-Mustard Sauce.

Pepper Crusted Tuna Steak with Wasabi Cream Sauce

6. Pepper Crusted Tuna Steak with Wasabi Cream Sauce Recipe

Pepper Crusted Tuna with Wasabi Cream Sauce is such a simple recipe, but such an elegant taste and presentation.

Air Fryer Tuna Steaks Recipe​ With Lime Dipping Sauce

5. Air Fryer Tuna Steaks Recipe With Lime Dipping Sauce Recipe

Seared tuna steaks in the air fryer taste divine to any fish lover; you can make them rare, medium-rare, medium, and even well-done following the tips and the recipe.

Grilled Tuna

4. Grilled Tuna Recipe

A beautiful Grilled Tuna with Marinated Tomato and Arugula Salad

3. Seared Ahi Tuna Recipe

This seared ahi tuna recipe is sashimi-grade fish coated in sesame seeds, then briefly cooked to tender and flavorful perfection. Add a drizzle of sauce and some fresh herbs for a light and delicious dinner option.


2. Seared Albacore Tuna With Ginger Soy Sauce Recipe

This easy seared albacore tuna is seasoned with sesame seeds and a ginger soy sauce marinade. This extra-quick main course is ready in 20 minutes!

Spicy Tuna Poke

1. Spicy Tuna Poke

These spicy tuna poke bowls are made with seasoned sushi rice, marinated ahi or albacore tuna, and a spicy mayo sauce. Serve as a quick lunch or dinner!

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