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How Can I Save On Cooking Costs?

How Can I Save On Cooking Costs?

Saving money when cooking is an essential part of life today, but it is easy to overlook. 

However, there are many ways to keep your costs down when cooking family meals on a budget.

So, How Can I Save On Cooking Costs?

You can save money on your cooking costs by paying attention to the cooking time required. Recipes with a low cooking time will naturally reduce the energy you will use. We have also included 13 tips for saving money when cooking meals.

We have compiled a selection of recipes below that will give you a cooked family with as little as 10 minutes of cook time. 

Quick cooking meals and recipes with step-by-step instructions. These quick cooking recipes are great for saving money on energy bills and still cooking fantastic family meals. 

These delicious quick meal recipes take in flavors and inspiration from around the world – and they are easy to follow and cook in under 30 minutes.

Top 13 money-saving tips for cooking at home

1. Prepare all ingredients before you start cooking

2. Defrost food before cooking (This will reduce cooking time)

3. Cook as many things in the oven when using it. (For example, use pyrex dishes to heat vegetables)

4. If you need hot water, boil the kettle rather than heating on the stove

5. Where possible, cook in one pan, pot or casserole dish, or slow cooker

6. Cook in bulk (for example) large casseroles portion and freeze them for another meal

7. Put a lid on all pans

8. Use a steamer if you are cooking more than one vegetable on the hob

9. Use the correct size of pot or pan. (For example. If it’s too big, you will be heating excess water)

10. Choose recipes with lower cooking times

11. Use a microwave where possible

12. Keep your hob and gas jets clean

13. Consider investing in a thermal cooker (Prices start around $95) 

The lower the cooking time, the lower the cost!

Can You Make A Tasty Meal With 8 Or Less Ingredients?

Another great way to save money while cooking and look at the cooking time is to reduce the number of ingredients you are using. 

But does this make your meal bland?

You can make some delicious meals using eight ingredients or less. We have compiled a selection of delicious recipes with helpful step-by-step instructions and tips. Some recipes only use three ingredients, arranged by helpful cooking times. 


Saving You Time Finding The Best Dinner Recipes

These recipes are in categories depending on whether they need no cooking or in bands of ten minutes up to 30 minutes. 

We want to save you time and money making meals, but we are also here to save you time finding them. 

Quick Dinner Recipes are great for busy people – and the more we can find and add to our list, the more we can help.

That is why we are continually scouring the web for new foods and will continue to find money-saving ideas to add to our website.

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