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Quick Chicken Dinner Ideas | 11-20 Mins Cook Time

Chicken Dinner Ideas – You will love these quick chicken dinner recipes if you love chicken. 

We have compiled a list of the best chicken recipes that are quick and easy to make. 

The main thing to remember is that these recipes have a cook time of 11-20 minutes to keep your energy costs lower. 

So you can save money on gas and electricity by cooking quick but delicious chicken dinner meals.

Why are chicken dinners so popular?

Chicken is a versatile protein that can be used in many recipes. 

It’s a high-protein food with very little fat and virtually no carbs, making it an ideal weight-loss choice. 

Chicken can also help curb your appetite, making it perfect for people who want to eat fewer calories while still enjoying a filling meal. 

Chicken is a budget-friendly source of protein that can be used in many different dishes. 

However, many people avoid chicken because it tastes bland. This doesn’t have to be the case, though! 

There are several delicious ways you can prepare chicken breasts at home that will leave you feeling satisfied and full.

Here are some easy and quick chicken dinner ideas you can prepare in 20 minutes or less from around the world.

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three chicken breasts cooked wth herbs on top on a wooden board
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American Chicken Dinner Ideas and recipes

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dinner Ideas Easy Air Fryer Parmesan Crusted Chicken

Air Fyers are all the rage at the moment and this Air fryer parmesan crusted chicken is an easy dinner ready in 20 minutes. The chicken breasts come out juicy and tender with a crispy golden crust and a ‘deep fried’ taste without the need for oil!

Dinner Ideas Air Fryer Teriyaki Chicken

 These air fryer teriyaki chicken bites are coated in an incredibly flavorful homemade teriyaki sauce. It’s a delicious and healthy air fryer recipe that is easy and ready to devour in 30 minutes.

Dinner Ideas Cheesy Grilled Buffalo Chicken Recipe

Here’s an easy recipe for a low-carb lunch or dinner. Cut the chicken breast in half lengthwise, then stuff it with cheese. Baste it with hot sauce and grill.

dinner Ideas Honey Chicken Burger

This honey chicken burger is a fun dinner-time treat for the whole family. The honey ginger glaze gives a nice, gentle heat that warms you up on chilly nights, and the burger can be served in buns or lettuce wraps.

dinner Ideas Rosemary Chicken Fillets (Pan Fried)

 These rosemary chicken fillets with turmeric feature a flavourful combination of herbs and spices, yet they’re simple enough to prepare on a busy weeknight. Serve them with salads, grains or rice dishes.

dinner Ideas Chicken Milanese

 This Chicken Milanese Recipe features an extra-crispy breadcrumb topping made in a single skillet, served with lemon and a healthy Arugula salad. Add Parmesan shavings and your favorite pasta for an easy dinner idea that your family is sure to love!

dinner Ideas Couscous Chicken Salad

Here’s a couscous chicken salad that you can eat warm for dinner or cold the next day for lunch. It’s made with pearl couscous, grilled or cooked chicken, bell pepper, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, spinach, arugula, feta cheese and tossed with a paprika vinaigrette.

dinner Ideas Chipotle Chicken Salad Lettuce Wraps

Forget every boring chicken salad you’ve ever eaten because this Chipotle Chicken Salad is guaranteed to be a new favorite. Chipotle and Roasted Garlic Mayo combine flavors that are out of this world.

dinner Ideas Apricot-Ginger Glazed Chicken

Apricot-ginger glazed chicken is an easy, flavorful chicken dinner perfect for busy weeknights. If you need a quick, last minute dinner recipe, this Apricot-Ginger Glazed Chicken is for you!

dinner Ideas Chicken And Peppers

 This simple, classic chicken and peppers recipe is perfect for a weeknight dinner. The balsamic vinegar makes the bell peppers and chicken so flavorful that you won’t need many other ingredients!

dinner Ideas Chicken Pepperoni with Linguine

You’re going to love it when you try Chicken Pepperoni! It’s made with boneless chicken breasts, bell peppers, mushrooms, artichoke hearts and pepperoni!

dinner Ideas Chicken Broccoli Instant Pot Casserole Recipe

This Easy Chicken, Broccoli and Rice casserole is one of our many Instant Pot recipes that takes only minutes to prepare.

dinner Ideas Instant Pot Chicken And Potatoes

 This Instant Pot Chicken and Potatoes recipe has the most tender chicken in only 3 easy steps! Ranch seasoning mix, sour cream, onions, and spices make this dinner a hit!

dinner Ideas Cheez It Crusted Chicken Tenders (Air Fryer Recipe)

Cheez It Crusted Chicken Tenders are delicious, cheesy chicken strips that are easy to make and full of flavor. These addictive appetizers are perfect for parties, game day or anytime you need a crowd-pleasing meal!

dinner Ideas Juicy Air Fryer Chicken Breast (No Breading)

Learn how to make juicy chicken breasts in your Air Fryer in only 25 minutes! Super easy, tender and bursting with flavor!

dinner Ideas Air Fryer Chicken Tenders – No Breading

Perfect for a quick dinner, these air fryer chicken tenders are juicy on the inside, crisp on the outside, and ready in less than 20 minutes!

dinner Ideas Air Fryer Chicken Thighs

These Air Fryer Chicken Thighs are ready in less than 20 minutes and they’re perfect with all of your favorite side dishes! They’re crispy, juicy, and full of flavor.

dinner Ideas Healthy One Skillet Chicken Thighs Recipe With Creamy Spinach Sauce

Say hello to your new favorite weeknight dinner: a one-skillet chicken thighs recipe that’s insanely delicious and ready in just 30 minutes! You won’t believe how flavorful this dish is—the chicken thighs are seared in a pan and then finished in the oven under a creamy garlic and spinach sauce. And the best part? It’s keto friendly, low carb, gluten free and ready in just 30 minutes!

dinner Ideas Chicken Enchilada Suizas Skillet Dinner

If you’re short on time, use a skillet to make Chicken Enchilada Suizas instead of rolling individual servings. Dinner will be ready in 30 minutes.

dinner Ideas Pesto Chicken Skewers

Fun and full of flavor Pesto Chicken Skewers cooked on your BBQ or Indoor grill this summer. They’re dairy-free and easy to make, making them a healthy and low histamine recipe. Makes 4 skewers.

dinner Ideas Air Fryer BBQ Chicken Breast

Make this Air Fryer BBQ Chicken Breast with your favorite appliance! You’ll love how fast and simple this chicken recipe is, and the juiciness of the chicken breast is incredible. Minimal ingredients for maximum flavor!

dinner Ideas Maple Garlic Shredded Chicken Sandwiches (Instant Pot)

These maple garlic shredded chicken sandwiches, made in the instant pot, make the perfect dinner or BBQ recipe to enjoy.

dinner Ideas Air Fryer Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast

Tender and full of flavor, this chicken recipe uses a simple seasoning mix. You’ll forget about dry chicken once you try it in the air fryer.

dinner Ideas Air Fryer Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breasts

 These Air Fryer Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breasts are ready in only 30 minutes in the air fryer! They’re perfect for an easy weeknight family dinner.

dinner Ideas Salsa Verde Chicken Enchilada Bake

Chicken enchiladas are easy to make and a family favorite the kids love. They’re packed with veggies and protein, too!

dinner Ideas Creamy Garam Masala Lemon Butter Chicken

 This Creamy Garam Masala Lemon Butter Chicken takes just 30 minutes to make, and it’s delicious! A creamy, lemon butter sauce pairs with crispy garam masala spiced chicken for a flavorful dinner – and one of our more popular Indian chicken dinner recipes.

dinner Ideas Prosciutto-Wrapped Boursin Chicken

Prosciutto-Wrapped Boursin Chicken

 Prosciutto-wrapped chicken stuffed with Boursin garlic and herb cheese is delicious. This weeknight-friendly recipe is surprisingly easy, making it perfect for busy cooks.

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Canadian Chicken Dinner Ideas and recipes

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dinner Ideas Easy chicken lettuce wraps

These 20-minute chicken lettuce wraps are a breeze to make and filled with flavour from ginger, lime juice and smoked paprika.

dinner Ideas Thai Chicken Salad with Peanut Sauce Dinner Ideas

 A colourful salad that is delicious on its own or added to wraps, bowls and other dishes.

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Mexican Chicken Dinner Ideas and recipes

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dinner Ideas Quick & Easy Chicken Burrito Skillet Dinner

This chicken burrito skillet dinner comes together in one pan to make a quick and easy family dinner that everyone will love. This simple recipe has everything you love about burritos but is made in a skillet!

dinner Ideas Grilled Chicken al Pastor Tacos

This marinaded chicken thigh dish will have you and your family clamoring for seconds, making it a Taco Tuesday staple in your household.

Shredded Chicken Burrito

If you’re looking for a quick and easy recipe to make, this Shredded Chicken Burrito is just the ticket. It’s also a great freezer meal that makes 14 burritos, so you can help your future self out by making this for dinner tonight and a few future dinners as well. The shredded chicken is seasoned, rice is flavourful and creamy refried beans are folded in with corn for a tasty meal!

dinner Ideas Southwestern Egg Roll Bake

Southwestern Egg Rolls are a hit at parties and gatherings, but making them can be time-consuming. This easy main dish casserole puts all the flavor of that popular appetizer in a fraction of the work!

Chicken Fajita Salad

Chicken Fajita Salad is a fresh, colorful dinner salad that’s perfect for two. Juicy chicken thighs, onion and bell pepper are served with avocado, tomatoes and ranch dressing. It makes a healthy gluten-free Mexican dinner or is great for Cinco de Mayo.

dinner Ideas Air Fryer Fiesta Chicken Stuffed Poblano Peppers

Fiesta Chicken Stuffed Poblano Peppers are layered with fragrant Mexican spices, cheese and chicken. The Air Fryer peppers are great for a ketogenic diet or low-carb diet, too.

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Cuban Chicken Dinner Ideas And Recipes

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Cuban Bistec De Pollo A La Plancha

This chicken breast topped recipe is grilled Cuban style with sautéed onions and garlic

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Mediterranean Chicken Dinner Ideas and recipes

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dinner Ideas Greek Rice Recipe Mediterranean Fried Rice

This is a Greek rice recipe that’s quick and easy to make, yet uses ingredients typically found in Mediterranean cuisine, like chickpeas, feta cheese and olives.

Chicken Marsala Meatballs

Easy and delicious, this dish features moist and flavorful meatballs smothered in a luscious and velvety Marsala sauce.

dinner Ideas Chicken Saltimbocca Recipe an Italian Classic

Chicken Saltimbocca is a quick and easy dish to prepare, requiring only 30 minutes of your time. It’s made with boneless chicken breasts in a mushroom marsala sauce topped with Prosciutto and Fontina cheese served on a bed of spinach.

dinner Ideas Italian Grilled Chicken

If you are looking for a new Italian dinner recipe to try this summer that involves grilling, this Italian Grilled Chicken marinated in tomato paste, red wine vinegar, garlic, onion, and olive oil is the recipe for you. The marinade has a big, bold flavor that caramelizes perfectly on grilled boneless, skinless chicken thighs.

dinner Ideas Italian Chicken With Tomatoes And Fresh Mozzarella

This easy Italian Chicken Skillet dinner is a quick and easy one-pan stovetop dinner that everyone in the family will love. It’s made with chicken breasts, plum tomatoes, garlic, fresh mozzarella cheese, and spices. It’s healthy, juicy, tender, and packed with flavor. For a low-carb side consider a delicious side salad or roasted green beans.

Chicken Parmesan Pasta

Chicken Parmesan Pasta is an easy weeknight dinner meal. Plus, it’s just four main ingredients and a few seasonings.

dinner Ideas Skillet Chicken Parmesan

It only takes 30 minutes to make this easy Skillet chicken parmesan recipe. It’s a quick chicken dinner that everyone will love

dinner Ideas Moroccan-Style Chicken Couscous

Moroccan-Style Chicken Couscous is a one-dish meal of Moroccan flavors. The dish combines dried fruit (apricots), Moroccan spices (cinnamon, turmeric, cumin, crushed red pepper), couscous, chick peas and sweet potatoes in a fragrant, healthy bowl. These ingredients are major players in the Moroccan flavor profile.

dinner Ideas Grilled Ras El Hanout Chicken

Grilled Ras El Hanout Chicken spices up your next barbecue; a healthy dinner recipe with Moroccan flair. Whole 30, paleo, and gluten free, the enticing aroma of this dish will attract everyone’s attention.

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Asian Chicken Dinner Ideas and recipes

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dinner Ideas Pan Roasted Chicken Thighs with Crispy Skin

These Pan Roasted Chicken Thighs are quick, easy, and delicious. They have crispy skin and juicy meat. Serve with salad, rice, and vegetables for a fast weeknight dinner.

dinner Ideas Thai Coconut Lime Chicken

This Thai Coconut Lime Chicken is creamy and full of flavor. It’s inspired by a popular soup, tom kha kai, and it’s easy to make in the Instant Pot. This dish is bursting with coconut milk, fresh lime juice, and herbs. Serve this chicken over rice with extra sauce so the rice can soak up all its goodness!

dinner Ideas Keto Kung Pao Chicken

Here’s a quick and easy recipe for keto kung pao chicken that will curb your Chinese take-out craving. It has bold flavors, is ready in minutes, and with only 5.5 net carbs per serving, it’s perfect for those trying to eat healthy without compromising flavor. It’s also gluten-free & dairy-free too—and ⅓ the carbs as Panda Express or PF Changs!

Chicken and Broccoli Stir Fry Recipe

Chicken and Broccoli Stir Fry Recipe

This Chicken and Broccoli Stir Fry Recipe is a simple, healthy meal that comes together in just 30 minutes. It’s made so easy with lean chicken breast, crispy tender broccoli, and a sweet tangy stir fry sauce your whole family will love!

Ground Chicken Sloppy Joes (Asian-Inspired)

These ground chicken sloppy joes are a healthy take on traditional sloppies and filled with delicious Asian flavors. They can be made in 20 minutes, so they’re perfect for busy weeknights!

Chicken Stir Fry

Here is a delicious, healthy recipe for Chicken Stir Fry. It is loaded with vegetables and so much flavor from a simple stir-fry sauce, and it’s cheaper than ordering take out! This recipe makes enough for two servings, so you can save half for lunch tomorrow. Serve this with a simple Fried Rice and dinner is done!

Sweet & Sour Chicken (Gluten-Free, Paleo, Allergy-Free)

Here’s a quick and easy recipe for Sweet & Sour Chicken! This Chinese takeout favorite is made in a wok or skillet on the stove and tossed with a sweet and sticky sauce that’s naturally sweet! It’s homemade, gluten-free, paleo, and allergy-free!

Dragon Chicken

A popular Indo-Chinese recipe, this Dragon Chicken is a crowd favorite. Crispy fried chicken strips are coated in a delicious sweet and spicy combination of sauces that’ll leave you wanting more. This recipe is sure to be a hit with your family!

Easy Chicken Fried Rice

Easy Chicken Fried Rice is prepared by stir-frying cooked rice with chicken chunks, scrambled eggs, vegetables and sauces. This Indo-Chinese recipe is very simple—ready in about 30 minutes—and can be made using ingredients from your pantry. Even better, it’s a healthier version of the popular takeout dish.

Cashew Chicken

Feed your hunger with this chashew chicken, served warm with rice and a side of your choice — broccoli is a good fit.

Chicken Fried Rice on the Blackstone Griddle

This Chicken Fried Rice on the Blackstone Griddle is easy and fun to make – and it tastes so much better than if you’d made it in a skillet. This hearty 1-griddle meal tastes so good, you’ll never want take-out again!

Chinese Cashew Chicken (Gluten-Free, Soy-Free)

No more take-out! You’ll never buy cashew chicken from the restaurant again after you try this gluten-free, soy-free recipe. You’ll love the juicy chicken and crispy veggies smothered in a rich, flavorful sauce that’s healthier than what you order in and tastes better too!

Authentic Chicken Jalfrezi Recipe

This tasty Chicken Jalfrezi recipe was created to resemble your favorite British Indian take-out. It’s an easy-to-follow recipe that will leave you with a delicious, hearty meal to enjoy.

dinner Ideas Murgh Makhani - Instant Pot Indian Butter Chicken Recipe

Here’s a recipe for Authentic butter chicken (Murgh Makhani) that will satisfy your cravings. It’s a delicious, spicy Indian chicken dish with a creamy tomato sauce and it’s an Instant Pot Indian butter chicken recipe!

Easy Dairy-Free Indian Butter Chicken (Gluten-Free, Paleo, Allergy-Free)

Here’s a lighten-up Dairy-Free Indian Butter Chicken that’s gluten-free, paleo, and top 8 allergy-free! A delicious dinner recipe starting with a simple coconut yogurt marinade, then cooked right in a single skillet with a creamy tomato-based sauce.

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