Vegan recipes with quinoa

Vegan recipes with quinoa. With nutritious, tasty, healthy quick & easy quinoa recipes. Browse these easy vegan lunch, dinner & make-ahead quinoa recipes. Vegan recipes with quinoa find your new favorite.

16 - Thai Peanut Sweet Potato Buddha Bowl

Roasted sweet potatoes & quinoa are topped with delicious Thai peanut sauce in this easy, healthy, gluten free, vegan buddha bowl recipe!

Thai Peanut Sweet Potato Buddha Bowl

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15 - Crunchy Thai Quinoa Salad

Crunchy Thai Quinoa Salad features a colorful mix of veggies tossed with healthy quinoa and delicious, creamy almond dressing for a quick and easy vegan lunch, dinner or meal prep!

Crunchy Thai Quinoa Salad

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14 - Lentil Quinoa Bowl

These vegan red lentil quinoa bowls are full of nutrition and perfect for meal prep. They feature red lentils, quinoa, roasted squash and carrots, broccoli and lemon tahini sauce for a filling, buddha bowl-style meal. This recipe is gluten-free.

Lentil Quinoa Bowl

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13 - Thai Quinoa (One Pot)

This one pot Thai quinoa is the perfect weeknight meal. It’s super easy to make, so delicious, and incredibly healthy! I absolutely love quinoa! And apparently so do most of you guys! My one pot Mexican quinoa is one of the most popular recipes on the blog. So I thought it would be great to make a new one pot quinoa recipe with different spices and veggies.

Thai Quinoa (One Pot)

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12 - Quinoa Spanish Rice

Quinoa Spanish Rice is a quick, easy and grain free alternative to traditional Spanish rice! It’s healthy, vegan, and a perfect side for all of your favorite Mexican dishes! Includes stovetop and Instant Pot methods. Like Spanish rice, but with a twist! This quinoa Spanish rice is a new favorite and great option for a grain free, filling side dish that can easily be customized for just about anyone!

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11 - Mediterranean Quinoa Salad (Vegan, Gluten Free)

This vegan, gluten free Mediterranean quinoa salad is the best make ahead recipe for a healthy lunch or dinner. It’s easy to make and super nutritious. You know those meals that you just feel HAPPY eating? This is one of them for me. Everything about this Mediterranean quinoa salad just makes me feel good. It’s a quinoa salad you’d order at a cute vegan cafe, or grab and go for a picnic lunch.

Mediterranean Quinoa Salad (Vegan, Gluten Free)

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10 - Mushroom Spinach Quinoa

You will fall in love with this simple Mushroom Spinach Quinoa recipe! Perfect for a healthy lunch, served as a side dish at the dinner table, or as a meal prep with your favorite protein. Cooked and ready to serve in under 20 minutes, it doesn’t get much easier than this!

Vegan recipes with quinoa Mushroom Spinach Quinoa

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9 - Black Bean Quinoa Tacos (with Cilantro Lime Crema!)

Quinoa Black Bean Tacos with Cilantro Lime Crema, aka the plant-based taco recipe that is on heavy weeknight dinner rotation here at the PWWB house (& will be at your house too!). This quinoa taco meat is so simple to make: you need a few pantry staples, 1 skillet, & just 30 minutes start-to-finish. Plus, they’re 100% vegetarian, vegan, & dairy-free. & the best part? Quinoa black bean tacos are pretty ideal for Meatless Monday AND Taco Tuesday = major weeknight dinner WIN!

Vegan recipes with quinoa Black Bean Quinoa Tacos (with Cilantro Lime Crema!)

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8 - Roasted Sweet Potato and Black Bean Quinoa Salad

Salad season has started this year and this Roasted Sweet Potato and Black Bean Quinoa Salad is a family favorite at the moment. My husband is not a big fan of quinoa so I have to try my best to make sure we all eat quinoa from time to time. It is such a great protein source and combined with the black beans and the roasted sweet potato makes for a healthy and yummy meal.

Roasted Sweet Potato and Black Bean Quinoa Salad

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7 - Beet Quinoa Salad with Butternut Squash, Kale, and Pecans (Vegan, Gluten Free)

This beet quinoa salad is the perfect healthy lunch recipe to make ahead for the week. It’s loaded with nutrients, flavor, and texture – everyone will love it! Quinoa salads are so versatile. Whenever I’m in a recipe rut, I reach for a quinoa salad recipe and it never disappoints. They are healthy, flavorful, easy to make, and keep well in the fridge. I’m always a fan of a “cook once, eat twice” recipe!

Vegan recipes with quinoa Beet Quinoa Salad with Butternut Squash, Kale, and Pecans (Vegan, Gluten Free)

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6 - Easy Quinoa Stuffed Peppers (Vegan)

Easy Quinoa Stuffed Peppers with mango and black beans is a healthy, protein-rich meatless main. These vegan stuffed peppers are perfect for meal prep or weeknight dinner. Quinoa, black beans, mango, and all the Tex-Mex flavors you crave. These vegan stuffed peppers truly have it all. Plus, they’re super simple, make-ahead friendly, and perfect for meal prep lunches. Enjoy on repeat for protein- and fiber-rich meals and they’ll keep you full for HOURS.

Vegan recipes with quinoa Easy Quinoa Stuffed Peppers (Vegan)

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5 - Crispy Vegan Quinoa Cakes

Crispy Vegan Quinoa Cakes (with no eggs, flour or bread crumbs) topped with Tomato Chickpea Relish- a healthy flavorful, plant-based VEGAN dinner that is delicious and gluten-free! It can be made ahead! What makes this Crispy Vegan Quinoa Cakes Recipe unique is that they have no eggs, no bread crumbs, no flour of any kind, no binder, or coating, or any other additions other than seasonings. Purely plant-based.

Vegan recipes with quinoa Crispy Vegan Quinoa Cakes

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4 - Stir-Fried Quinoa with Kale and Chickpeas

This hearty, stir-fried quinoa and chickpea dish is perfect for a high-protein vegan dinner or a Meatless Monday. This recipe packs 22 grams of protein, thanks to chickpeas, quinoa, and nutritional yeast. Check out the full recipe for this highly-nutritious quinoa and chickpea dinner.

Vegan recipes with quinoa Stir-Fried Quinoa with Kale and Chickpeas

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3 - Chickpea and Quinoa Harissa Stuffed Peppers

Welcome summer with these healthy chickpea and quinoa harissa stuffed peppers! Juicy red peppers are roasted and stuffed with a chickpea and quinoa filling cooked in a tomato harissa sauce. These stuffed peppers are a quick and easy meal that’s vegan, healthy, filling and delicious! Stuffed peppers always remind me of when I was younger.

Vegan recipes with quinoa Chickpea and Quinoa Harissa Stuffed Peppers

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2 - Buffalo Chickpea Quinoa Meatballs (Vegan)

These vegan buffalo chickpea quinoa meatballs really hit the spot when you’re craving something a little spicy! Packed with flavor, fiber, and plant-based protein, these bites are the perfect party snack.

Buffalo Chickpea Quinoa Meatballs (Vegan)

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1 - Black Bean Quinoa Burger (Vegan & Gluten-free)

This vegan black bean quinoa burger recipe is healthy, satisfying, hearty, and also so easy to make! In addition, it’s gluten free, baked or cooked in a pan, and is simply the best! Store-bought veggie burgers can be expensive and also you don’t really know the quality of the ingredients. These homemade vegan burgers are so quick to make and perfect for BBQ’s and summer.

Vegan recipes with quinoa Black Bean Quinoa Burger (Vegan & Gluten-free)

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Vegan recipes with quinoa

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