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Sri Lankan Curry Recipes

Sri Lankan curry recipes: Sri Lanka is a tropical island nation off the southern coast of India. 

The country’s diverse population includes many cultures, such as the Tamils and Sinhalese. It’s also home to one of the most delicious cuisines in the world!

If you’re looking for an easy way to add spice to your life, look no further than Sri Lankan cooking. These curries are spicy, flavourful, and very satisfying.

You make the Sri Lankan curry with spices and coconut milk, which makes it very creamy and delicious. 

Most dishes contain meat or seafood, but vegan options are also available. 

Many different cultures around the world influence Sri Lankan cuisine, so if you are looking for something other than Indian food, this may be what you want.

Here you will find a selection of curries you can make. These include Vegan curries, fish curries, and A Chicken curry.

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Vegan Sri Lankan Curry Recipes

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Vegan Sri Lankan Curry

Vegan Curry

This fantastically smooth vegan curry has a beautifully rich and deep flavour thanks to garlic, ginger, chilli, curry spices and cloves, all mellowed out with creamy coconut milk and earthy sweet potatoes. Sri Lankan cuisine is wonderfully unique thanks to a strong history of spice production and trade. You can see hints of everything from India and Indonesia to Dutch cuisine in many of its dishes.

Boonchi Curry – Sri Lankan Green Bean Curry

Boonchi Curry – Sri Lanken Green Bean Curry

Boonchi Curry – This Green Bean Curry is a quick and easy vegan curry that will inspire you to get your daily veggies in! So delicious with Indian spices, coconut milk and pandan leaves (rampe).

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Sri Lankan Fish Curry Recipes

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Sri Lankan Fish Curry With Yellow Rice And Tomato Salsa

Fish Curry With Yellow Rice And Tomato Salsa

If you love fish then you will love this Sri lanken curyy. Enjoy the distanctive taste that a Sri lankan curyy has to offer.

Monkfish Curry

If you’re still not convinced by how fantastic fish curry is, this monkfish curry recipe will blow you away! A big meaty fish that works a charm when mixed with warm spices and a tasty sauce, monkfish is utterly delicious. So, if you’re bored of eating the same old curries all the time, this is a dish that will truly rock your world!

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Chicken Curry Recipes

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Sri Lanken Black Pepper Chicken Curry Recipe | Easy and Weight-Loss Friendly

This is the best Black Pepper Chicken Curry recipe you will try – there is no other way. And it’s easy to prepare too! Food is not only a way to feed the body, but also the soul, and that is what this Sri Lankan Chicken Curry does… it feeds your need to explore.

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Tasty Sri Lankan Curry Recipes

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