Nutella brownies recipe

Nutella brownies recipe. Learn how to make Nutella brownies recipes and get your taste buds singing. Our favourite must-try 13 easy Nutella brownies recipes are here for you to try.

13 - Easy Nutella Bars

These Nutella bars are ridiculously easy to make and they come together in less than 15 minutes—they’re the perfect thing when you want dessert in a hurry!

Easy Nutella Bars

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12 - Gooey Swirled Nutella Brownie

These rich, deeply chocolatey Nutella Brownies are a home run dessert for anybody who loves the indulgent chocolate hazelnut spread. Not only is the brownie batter made with Nutella, but then more is dropped on top and swirled in for pockets of concentrated Nutella goodness!
Gooey Swirled Nutella Brownie

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11 - Nutella Brownies

Nutella Brownies are perfectly thick, chewy, fudgy, and slightly gooey with a hint of chocolate hazelnut goodness. One of the best brownies I’ve ever had!

Nutella Brownies

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10 - Nutella brownie just 3 ingredients

Nutella Brownies are one of the easiest and delicious recipes that you will ever make with just 3 ingredients. These brownies are fudgy in the centre and chewy from outside and are so soft. You should definitely give it a try. This a treat for all chocolate lovers! With just 3 ingredients you can make these fudgy and soft brownies.

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9 - Easy Nutella Brownies

I’ve always made brownies 1 of 3 ways: 1) with cocoa powder 2) with pure chocolate 3) with both. Any of the above supply the decadent chocolate flavor as tasted in recipes like my chewy fudgy brownies and mint chocolate chip cheesecake brownies. But there’s another big time chocolate player in town that I’ve ignored all this years. It’s that wonderfully creamy, fabulously thick magic we all know as Nutella.

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8 - Nutella Brownies

These Nutella Brownies almost didn’t happen. But aren’t you glad they did? They were a last-minute, oh hey, chocolate sounds kinda good, let’s do our favorite brownie recipe. Then, as I was grabbing the flour from my cabinet, I bumped into the jar of Nutella a blank white image. and, well, I just went with it. Divine intervention, y’all. It’s a thing.

Nutella Brownies recipe

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7 - 4 Ingredient, Gluten Free Nutella Brownies

These gluten free Nutella Brownies are one of the easiest brownie recipe that you will ever make!!! Fudgy, moist and an incredible 4 ingredient brownie recipe that is insanely decadent. These gluten free Nutella brownies are SINFULl!!! With chewy edges and soft, fudgy centre…..’tis heaven. And the best part? They are so simple, ONLY 4 INGREDIENTS.

4 Ingredient, Gluten Free

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6 - Nutella Fudge Brownies

These Nutella Fudge Brownies are decadent little bars with a dense brownie on the bottom, Nutella fudge in the middle and chocolate on top. You can’t go wrong with this chocolatey confection!

Nutella Fudge Brownies

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5 - Delicious Nutella Brownies

Super delicious Brownies that are incredibly easy to make, that are scrumptiously full of the delicious Nutella flavour!

Delicious Nutella Brownies

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4 - Nutella Brownies Recipe

Hello friends! Today we are making Nutella Brownies. These rich brownies are stuffed with Nutella, they are super easy to make, and absolutely delicious!

Nutella Brownies Recipe

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3 - Nutella Pretzel Brownies

Salty meets sweet in these Nutella Pretzel Brownies! A perfectly fudgy Nutella brownie with roasted hazelnuts and salty pretzels mixed in. This decadent dessert will satisfy all of your salty and sweet cravings!
Nutella Pretzel Brownies!

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2 - Salted Nutella Blondies

Salted Nutella blondies uses a chewy blondie recipe with the addition of Nutella and a sprinkle of sea salt on top. “Ooey gooey goodness” best describes these salted Nutella blondies. My go-to blondie recipe is kicked up a notch with a layer of Nutella and a sprinkle of sea salt. The hazelnut chocolate spread is the perfect complement to buttery, sweet blondies. So why should you make these blondies? Well, if you’re a Nutella fan you will certainly love these bars because Nutella is the star ingredient. Also, these bars are fairly easy to make. Learn how to make a blondie batter base and layer Nutella in the center.

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1 - Nutella Salted Shortbread Brownies

The brownies are that magical combination of shiny, crackly top and fudgy middle. I opted to chop the hazelnuts, but you can certainly go with whole ones for a little variety. I love the saltiness of the shortbread. It isn’t over-the-top salty, so you could opt to bump the salt up by 1/4-1/2 teaspoon if you are a big proponent of the sweet & salty thing. Or, sprinkle a little bit of coarse salt on top of the brownies before baking them.

Salted Shortbread

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