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Gluten-Free Enchiladas Recipes

Finding Gluten-Free Enchiladas Recipes can be difficult as options can appear limited. One of the most popular options is 100% corn tortillas.

However, many tortillas include wheat, flour, or multigrain and are therefore not considered gluten-free.

Wheat or malt can is sometimes added as a thickening agent in some enchilada sauces, so check the label.

Chicken broth is often a common ingredient in chicken or beef Enchiladas. Some chicken broths can contain gluten. 

However, there are plenty of broths and stocks that are gluten-free. In addition, the starch or flour used as a thickener can contain gluten which you should check when choosing your broth.

To help simplify the task, we have scoured the web and found these stunning gluten-free Enchiladas recipes

These delicious recipes also show you how to make enchilada sauce.

The great thing about these Gluten-free Enchiladas recipes is that they are easy to make at home – but always check the labels to ensure the ingredients used. 

These must-try Enchiladas include chicken, ground beef, Vegetarian, and Vegan recipes. Give these a try. 

Find out why these Enchiladas recipes are so popular. If you like Mexican food, these Enchiladas recipes are perfect. 

Eat exciting food even if you are on a Gluten-free diet.

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Gluten Free Enchiladas in a casserole dish
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KETO AND LOW CARB Gluten free enchiladas Recipes

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Keto Enchiladas

Low-carb Enchiladas can be made to be delicious. This recipe is here to prove it. Use cabbage instead of corn or flour tortillas. Low in carbs, this keto Enchilada recipe is high in flavor! As a bonus, this is another great recipe for leftover chicken.

Low Carb Chicken Enchiladas

These low-carb chicken Enchiladas contain all the delicious fillings of your regular Enchiladas. But with a delicious, low-carb swiss chard wrap!

Keto Enchilada Bake

Almost like Tex-Mex lasagna, this Keto Enchilada Casserole has layers of flavor! What it DOESN’T have is a lot of carbs! The whole family will love this meaty, cheesy dish!

Keto Beef Enchiladas

These Delicious Gluten Free & Keto Beef Enchiladas are high in healthy fats and low in carbs. They make a perfect make-ahead meal. That can quickly be reheated in only a few minutes.

Homemade Keto Enchiladas

These easy beef Enchiladas use a different type of tortilla. Instead of a wheat based wrap, use a slice of deli chicken. It adds protein and flavor. You won’t even miss the tortilla.

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Chicken Gluten free enchiladas Recipes

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Slow Cooker Chicken Enchiladas

Easy and delicious chicken Enchiladas. They are an affordable meal that the whole family is sure to love. These slow cooker chicken Enchiladas can be made in advance. They can even be frozen for later use. Suitable for gluten free diets.

30-Minute One-Pan Chicken Enchilada Skillet

This one-pan Enchilada skillet is a super easy 30-minute meal. It happens to be gluten-free (and easily dairy-free, too, if you’d like). It’s great with avocado slices and fresh cilantro on top!

Easy Chicken Enchiladas Recipe

These Chicken Enchiladas are made with simple ingredients. They include juicy shredded chicken and cheese. With homemade (or gluten free store-bought) Enchilada Sauce, and corn tortillas.

Healthy Chicken Gluten free Enchiladas (Gluten-Free!)

These healthy chicken Enchiladas are a majorly delicious, lightened-up version of the classic dish. It’s just as creamy and comforting. But made with Greek yogurt instead of sour cream!

Quick Chicken Gluten free Enchiladas in Red Sauce

Quick Chicken Enchiladas in Red Sauce

Rotisserie chicken, salsa, Enchilada sauce, and loads of cheese. They all come to the rescue here. In this, the easiest chicken Enchilada recipe ever.

Salsa Verde Chicken Stacked Gluten free Enchiladas

Chicken Enchilada casserole. With homemade salsa verde and corn tortillas. It makes a perfect family dinner. A Mexican casserole that is so easy to make.

Chicken Tinga Gluten free Enchiladas

Craving Mexican food? Here is the perfect recipe for you! Cheesy chicken tinga Enchiladas. They are a delicious, easy dinner idea the whole family will love (and they’re even gluten free)!

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Beef Gluten free enchiladas Recipes

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Skillet Gluten free Enchiladas in One Pot

Gluten-free: Make sure to use GF tortillas. Otherwise, this Skillet Enchiladas recipe is naturally gluten-free.

These stove top Skillet Enchiladas are going to be your new favorite. A one-pot meal in under 30 minutes! This Beef Enchilada Skillet combines juicy ground beef (or chicken/turkey). It is simmered in a homemade healthy enchilada sauce. It is then being loaded with hearty beans and corn. Topped with just enough cheese to be hearty without weighing you down!

Gluten free Enchilada Casserole Recipe

Enchilada casserole is a quick and easy dish that skips the rolling of the tortillas. Layers ground meat, cheese and mild green enchilada sauce make this a family favorite.

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Quinoa Gluten free enchiladas Recipe

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Quinoa gluten free Enchilada Casserole

Looking for an easy enchilada casserole that is packed with protein and gooey cheesiness? Quinoa Enchilada Casserole is the recipe is for you!

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Vegetarian Gluten free enchiladas Recipe

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Vegetarian Black Bean and Corn gluten free Enchiladas

These super easy Vegetarian Enchiladas are filled with a simple lightly spiced creamy mixture of black beans, corn, and cream cheese. They’re topped with a delicious red sauce and melty, bubbly cheese. They come together in 30 minutes for a great weeknight dinner for the family!

Walnut Mushroom gluten free Enchiladas (Vegetarian)

Whether you’re vegetarian or not, you’ll love these hearty walnut mushroom enchiladas! Surprisingly “meaty”, and satisfying thanks to all the veggies, these Vegetarian Enchiladas will be your new favorite weeknight meal.

Healthy Green Chickpea gluten free Enchiladas

A twist on traditional enchiladas, these Healthy Green Chickpea Enchiladas are filled with chickpeas, corn, and tomatoes, and baked in a creamy spinach sauce until the sauce thickens and the meal is delicious!

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Vegan Gluten free enchiladas Recipe

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Gluten free enchiladas Potosinas

Enchiladas potosinas get their beautiful color from chile-infused dough wrapped around creamy queso and spicy salsa. Every bite is full of delicious Mexican flavors!

Gluten free Easy Enchiladas

Quick and easy Enchiladas gluten- free vegan and delicious.

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Popular Gluten Free Enchiladas Recipes

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