8 Best Chinese Dessert Recipes

8 Best Chinese Dessert Recipes. These Desserts and pastries are different from the ones in other countries. These Chinese desserts generally have a historical background that is related to the history and culture of China. Chinese desserts are usually eaten during festivals, such as during the Lantern Festival or Moon Festival; or they’re eaten on special occasions, such as birthday parties or weddings.


If you want to learn some Chinese dessert recipes, you can refer to the following Chinese dessert recipes: Matcha White Chocolate Cake, Hong Dou Tang, Hong Kong Style Egg Tarts (Vegan), and Instant Pot Apple Dumplings.

Check out all of our Chinese food recipes here because you will find even more of your favorite recipes.

Chinese Peanut Brittle
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8 Best Chinese
Dessert Recipes

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Easy Blender Taro Paste

8. Easy Blender Taro Paste

Use a high-powered blender, and as a result, you will find it’s a breeze to make taro paste at home. Moreover, you can add this 3-ingredient confection to smoothies, pastries, and more.

Chinese Peanut Sesame Ginger Brittle

7. Chinese Peanut Sesame Ginger Brittle

This Chinese Peanut Sesame Ginger Brittle is quick to make because it only takes 30 minutes from start to finish. In conclusion, this is very easy to make because you only need to make a basic caramel, add the ingredients, and then flatten them.

Easy Instant Pot Apple Dumplings

6. Easy Instant Pot Apple Dumplings

Soft, buttery crescent dough filled with sweet cinnamon apples, in other words, these Instant Pot Apple Dumplings are a decadent fall dessert. Because they only take 30 minutes to make, you can add them to your quick and easy-to-make collection.

Homemade Eggless Pineapple Tarts

5. Homemade Eggless Pineapple Tarts

This coconut sago has plenty of creamy coconut and chewy tapioca pearls (called sago) therefore, it pairs perfectly with fruit!

Coconut Sago with Strawberry Slush

4. Coconut Sago with Strawberry Slush

These Homemade eggless pineapple tarts are perfect for the Chinese new year festival, for example. It’s dairy-free and vegan, but the sweetness is just nice and melts perfectly in your mouth.

Hong Dou Tang - Sweet Red Bean Soup

3. Hong Dou Tang - Sweet Red Bean Soup

Tong yuen, or chewy sweet mochi balls, are typically eaten during the lunar new year. Serve these unfilled ones with hong dou tang, or sweet red bean soup, as a result, it’s the perfect hot, cozy dessert for the winter!

Vegan Egg Tarts (Hong Kong style)

2. Vegan Egg Tarts (Hong Kong style)

Because these Vegan egg tarts have a buttery Hong Kong style shortcrust pastry and silky vegan custard, they are very popular. You can also make this popular traditional Chinese dessert at home!

Easy Matcha White Chocolate Cake

1. Easy Matcha White Chocolate Cake

This easy matcha white chocolate cake has two layers of fluffy matcha sponge cake, In addition, you frost it with a creamy white chocolate ganache.

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