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4th of July Cocktails

4th of July Cocktails – Create the perfect 4th of July drinks using these classic 4th of July cocktails recipes. 

Then, celebrate with these incredible patriotic alcoholic drinks. 

These are the best red, white, and blue fun alcoholic drinks for the 4th of July and cocktail recipes.

Enjoy your favorite cocktail recipes for Independence Day with these stunning alcoholic cocktail recipes.

Make the most of the 4th of July Celebrations.

Fourth of July is the biggest picnic day of the year, with cookouts and parties in just about every neighborhood. 

And there’s no better way to celebrate than your favorite drink in hand.

These recipes are perfect for the Fourth of July, from red, white, and blue cocktails to jello shots and even patriotic ice cubes. 

You’ll also find ideas for 4th of July alcoholic punch recipes here.

We have even more classic 4th of July drink ideas using delicious blends, including vodka, a watermelon coconut rum cooler, white wine sangria with berries, and more. 

Create your 4th of July mixed drinks and see what fantastic new 4th of July cocktail recipe you can make. 

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red, white and blue drinks to celebrate 4th of july
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4th July Alcoholic Vodka Base Drinks

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Red, White and Blue Cocktail

The perfect 4th of July cocktail with red, white and blue layers. This citrusy cocktail is refreshing and perfect for hot summer days.

Red + Blueberry Vodka Cocktail

Are you ready to celebrate July 4th? This year how about giving our Red + Blueberry Vodka Cocktail a try? This is a vodka cocktail that is an ideal summer drink made with fresh blueberries, Ciroc Berry, and simple syrup. Grab the ingredients and give this berry delicious drink a try!

Patriotic Vodka Lemonade Slushie

This patriotic vodka lemonade slushie brings the festive red, white, and blue colors together in a refreshing cocktail slush blended with raspberry, lemonade, and citrusy blue curacao flavors.

Sweet Star Spangled Vodka Margarita

This Memorial Day or Fourth of July, turn your patriotic heart up a notch with our red, white, and blue margarita (made two different ways). Mixed with SVEDKA and a few other ingredients, this vodka margarita is sure to be the life of the party!

Berry Vodka Cocktail

Berry Vodka Cocktails are quick to make with only a few ingredients. You don’t even need a shaker to make these fruity sparkling beverages. And these festive summer drinks sugar-free.

This awesome cocktail screams out 4th July! These Red, White, and Boozy Cocktails are so delicious with layers of Coconut, Strawberry Watermelon, and Blue you can’t go wrong!

Red White and Blue Drinks: Vodka Lemonade Slush

Red White & Blue Drinks are super festive for the Fourth of July BBQ and are easy to make for a crowd. Made with lemonade, limeade and vodka they will become a party favorite for all of your Independence Day Parties

Bomb Pop Cocktail

This Bomb Pop Cocktail is a quick and easy Red, White and Blue cocktail made to mimic the iconic flavors of the frozen popsicle and served as a boozy beverage. Why not make this into a Bomb Pop Slush cocktail by crushing the ice. If you remove the Vodka then you can make your Bomb Pop Slush non alcoholic. This simple recipe takes just a few minutes to prepare with only 4 ingredients and no shakers or blenders needed.

Bloody Shark Bite Cocktail

The Bloody Shark Bite cocktail is a vodka and cream soda cocktail that’s perfect for your Shark Week, 4th july or Halloween celebrations.

Cherry Vodka Sparkler Cocktail

A Champagne topper gives this cherry vodka sparkler cocktail its fizzy kick, and pure tart cherry juice adds a refreshing, fruity touch for the perfect summer drink. This cherry vodka cocktail will be the hit of the day at your 4th of July party or next summer grill-out.

Red White & Blue Rose Wine Spritz

It’s time to celebrate our Independence! We take for granted a lot of the freedoms and privileges we have in the U.S of A. So, as you sip your Red White & Blue Rose Wine Spritz don’t forget to remember just how good you have it that you can drink whenever you want.

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4th July Alcoholic Rum Base Drinks

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Let’s make it an extra festive 4th of July celebration with this shimmery Cherry Firecracker cocktail! Made with freshly muddled cherries and a cinnamon simple syrup and ginger beer topping for a firecracker kick, this patriotic cocktail is sure to be a summer party favorite.

Firecracker Daiquiri is a layered frozen daiquiri perfect for summer holidays and celebrations. Serve up this red, white and blue cocktail for 4th of July parties or any patriotic celebration.

A Boozy White Chocolate Milkshake

This boozy white chocolate milkshake has hints of vanilla and rum and is the perfect cocktail to enjoy any time of day. These would also be perfect to end your night on the 4th of July.

Watermelon Cocnut Rum Cooler

Nothing says summer more than some refreshing watermelon slices! Now that melons are finally in season, it’s time to take full advantage of them and get creative starting with watermelon! This Watermelon Coconut Rum Cooler comes together in minutes, it’s super refreshing, and perfect for summerand 4th July parties.

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4th July Alcoholic Tequila Base Drinks

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Raspberry and Blueberry Silver Tequila Mojito

A twist on the classic perfect mojito, the silver tequila mojito is made with raspberries and blueberries.

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Wine AND Champagne 4th July Alcoholic Drinks

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This Red, White, and Blue Sangria is the perfect boozy cocktail to serve when celebrating the 4th of July, Memorial Day, or enjoying the warm weather on hot summer nights! Throw this easy white wine sangria together with just 15 minutes of prep time.

Summer Berry Rosé Spritzer

Looking for a festive cocktail for this Summer? Try this Summer Berry Rosé Spritzer! Fresh berries muddled with some vodka, Rosé wine, and Sprite!

This watermelon sangria with white wine and blueberries (aka Red, White, and Blue Sangria) is very refreshing and very easy to serve a crowd during summer parties. Just mix everything together in a pitcher ahead of time and chill until serving.

White Wine Sangria With Berries

White wine sangria with berries is the perfect wine cocktail for a hot summer day! With strawberries, blueberries and even some cherries thrown in, it’s a delicious drink that’s super easy to make too. Whip up a batch and try a glass for yourself!

Chambord And Champagne Cocktail With Raspberry Syrup

A delicious champagne cocktail made with raspberry liqueur and homemade syrup. Perfect for any 4th July celebrations.

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4th July Alcoholic Jello Shots

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These red white and blue jello shots are an easy and impressive treat for a patriotic party or BBQ. Make them boozy for adults or alcohol free for the kids.

Bomb Pop Jello Shots

Bomb Pops are a classic summer treat. These Bomb Pop Jello Shots are a new adult twist on a summer favorite and bring them out for your 4th July party!

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4th July Drink Add Your Favorite Shot

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Layered Red and Blue Kool-Aid Punch

Enjoy a delicious layered, patriotic Red and Blue Kool-Aid 4th of July Punch Alcoholic! It’s so easy to make a drink with layers, and they taste as good as they look! And the kids and the adults will enjoy it because you can make the mocktail version for the kids and spike it with your favorite alcohol for the adults. It’s the perfect drink to serve for Memorial Day and July 4th.

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Patriotic 4th July Ice Cubes

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Ice Cubes Red, White, and Blue

These Red, White, and Blue Ice Cubes are made with all natural ingredients and are the perfect addition to your 4th of July drink recipes. They’re also fun for celebrating your favorite sports teams whose colors are red, white, and blue!

Whip up these family friendly, colorful Red White and Blue Ice Cubes as a fun cooling treat for various drinks over the summer with just 5 minutes of prep.

Make it easy to find these 4th July Cocktails recipes again by saving the below image to your Pinterest account.

4th of July Drinks Alcoholic Recipe

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