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Casserole Recipes With Ham

Casserole recipes with ham & Casserole recipes for dinner. Find the best recipes in one place. Here are 10 easy casserole recipes with ham. Want to check out other casseroles? Follow the below links to try delicious easy casserole dishes, casseroles from Mexico or with, seafood, ground beef, chicken, fish, and pasta. Whether your casserole is for dinner, breakfast, or lunch these casserole dishes have you covered. Here are some of the best Casserole Recipes For Dinner to suit kids and that you can cook for all of your family. 

10 - Ham Broccoli Rice Casserole

Looking for the best Ham Broccoli Rice Casserole? This casserole dish is made using leftover ham and makes an amazing dinner recipe. Make this broccoli rice casserole for dinner tonight.

Ham Broccoli Rice

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9 - Leftover Ham Casserole (Keto Low Carb)

Leftover Ham Casserole (Keto Low Carb) is creamy, cheesy and super delicious – it’s also GREAT way to use up all that leftover ham! Yay for that! This healthy leftover ham recipe is low and keto-friendly and everyone in your house will love it – even if they’re not following a keto diet.

Leftover Ham Casserole (Keto Low Carb)

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8 - Italian Ham and Potato Casserole

talian Ham and Potato Casserole has zesty Italian cold cuts mixed with creamy, cheesy mashed potatoes, plus a buttered bread crumb crust. This fantastic Italian Ham and Potato Casserole is THE ultimate in delicious comfort food. Served with a simple side salad, this is one hearty, rib-sticking meal!

Italian Ham and Potato Casserole

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7 - Ham Casserole Recipe

This ham casserole is egg noodles, broccoli and diced ham in a creamy sauce, all topped with cheese and baked to golden brown perfection. A comfort food classic that’s the perfect way to use up leftover ham!


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6 - Leftover Ham Casserole

Leftover Ham Casserole with noodles, ham, corn, creamy garlic sauce, and crunchy panko topping, no cream of soup. Easy comfort food dinner for busy days! If you have leftover holiday ham, this easy dish is the perfect way to use it. This is my go-to easy dinner to make with leftover ham. My whole family enjoys it! It’s an easy and delicious comfort food meal you can make with ham or chicken. Serve it with a simple salad or roasted veggies. The creamy cheesy garlic sauce is made from scratch in just 10 minutes. No cream of soup or condensed soup needed! The crunchy topping made with melted butter and panko breadcrumbs is the perfect finishing touch for this creamy pasta dish.

Leftover Ham Casserole

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5 - Cabbage & Ham Casserole

Cabbage is so good for you! Cabbage is one of those vegetables that some people have a hard time finding yummy ways to prepare. Everything in the cabbage family is so good for you, raw or cooked! And cabbage is easy to grow and inexpensive to purchase in the store. It is a great value for all the health benefits you get from it. I had a head of cabbage I needed to use and wanted to make something different with it. I also had some ham left over and in the freezer. So I put them together and added some other stuff and came up with this casserole.

Cabbage & Ham

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4 - Cheesy Ham Broccoli Casserole

Cheesy Ham Broccoli Casserole with eggs, a healthy, low carb, and keto recipe for a delicious brunch. It’s light, but filling, jam-packed with fantastic flavors, the perfect recipe after an epic feast like Thanksgiving or Christmas. The ham can be replaced with turkey, chicken or beef, or omitted, for a vegetarian version. This broccoli bake is my absolute favorite side dish

Cheesy Ham Broccoli

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3 - Cheesy Ham and Egg Breakfast Casserole with Biscuits (Overnight)

This crowd-pleasing Cheesy Egg Breakfast Casserole with Biscuits is my new favorite! Use store bought or homemade biscuits to make a moist and delicious brunch for your guests. Try it with ham, bacon, or sausage. Top it all off with Hollandaise Sauce for an incredible holiday breakfast!

Cheesy Ham and Egg Breakfast Casserole with Biscuits (Overnight)

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2 - Ham and Asparagus Casserole

This ham and asparagus casserole is one of the best easy casserole recipes. With just a few ingredients, this cheesy ham casserole is ready in under an hour. Perfect for busy weeknights or even weekend brunch!

Ham & Asparagus Casserole

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1 - Easy Au Gratin Potatoes and Ham

Easy Au Gratin Potatoes and Ham Recipe is a classic entrée, full of cheesy potato goodness and ham. Not only is it comfort food at its finest, but it also solves the age-old question of what to do with leftover holiday ham

Easy Au Gratin Potatoes and Ham

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Recipes With Ham