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Casserole Recipes

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Casserole recipes – often referred to as one-dish meals – are the ultimate in comfort food and are perfect for home cooked meals with family. But what is it that makes them so popular?

Origins of The Casserole

Casseroles have been around for a very long time, and the name itself comes from the French word for a cooking pot. As early as the 1870s, cooks were using casseroles to make dishes that were easy to transport and prepare.

Casseroles were originally made in clay pots, with meats and vegetables combined with water or wine. The casserole was then covered with a lid and baked over hot coals. 

As time went on, more ingredients were added to the mix—poultry, fish, vegetables—and chefs discovered ways to make this layering technique work for more than just soups and stews. They began baking in the oven with their own attractive crusts until they became what we know as traditional casserole dinners today. 

The Casserole Dishes of Today

Today’s casseroles are usually prepared in a deep dish pan or square baking dish, and may be served as a main course or side dish. Most casserole recipes are versatile enough to be served at breakfast lunch or dinner.

There is no limit on what can be considered a casserole recipe. The ingredients can include almost any combination of meat, poultry, seafood or pasta along with vegetables, cheeses and sauces. Even dessert casseroles exist! The key is that the ingredients all bake together into one easy dish.

Casseroles – a dish for all occasions.

Casserole Recipes are perfect for so many different occasions, casserole dinners can cover so many things for example casseroles for dinner parties, casserole for a crowd, and casserole meals for your family. 

Whether you are using a casserole dish, a casserole pot, or a casserole dish with lid you can make quick, simple, easy, and delicious casserole meals and ideas. This is the beauty of these cooking vessels.

Casseroles are the perfect comfort food and you’ll find lots of easy recipes to choose from. Check out some of the best casserole roles below that we have managed to source from across the web.


With the increase in the popularity of veganism, we have found some of the most popular vegan casseroles from across the web. Mouth-watering dishes including your favourite (and some not so-obvious) ingredients.


If you are looking for a hearty meat-free casserole then we’ve got it covered. With 50 vegetarian casseroles to choose from, we have plenty of ideas and inspiration for your next casserole dish.


Our pork casserole recipes give you 11 succulent pork dishes that pick up a wide variety of flavours and textures. From sausage breakfast casseroles and pork chops to an interesting take on enchilladas.


Ham is a versatile meat and with these 10 ham casseroles you won’t go short of ideas – whatever the time of day or occasion. From a hearty family meal to a dinner party.


These Mexican Casseroles bring together some of your favourite Mexian foods in casserole form. From enchillads, tortilla and taco’s – if you love Mexian food you’ll love these casserole recipes.


Here are a selection of chicken casseroles that combine to create scintillating flavours. With a choices from chicken with veg, rice, other meats and even more unusual choices such as tortillas.


These stunning seafood casseroles & casseroles with fish ingredients are the best we could find from across the web. Tilapia, Salmon, Tuna, Shrimp & Crab recipes. Make them your go-to.


Pasta Casseroles offer a wide choice of flavours that can satisfy many tastes. With meat or vegeratian and vegan options, pasta-based casseroles offer a filling, affordable meal option. 


Our Ground Beef Casseroles provide excellent flavours that draw on flavours and inspiration from around the globe – including the wonderfully named “John Wayne Casserole”. 


If you are looking for a quick, affordable meal then this is section for you. Our Easy Casseroles will help you rustle up a filling, cheap meal in no time.

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