Bodybuilding For Vegans, Create The Perfect Vegan Muscle Diet.

Vegan Muscle Diet.

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A Transformative Story by Simon Black -

Bodybuilding For Vegans. So you’re a vegan and you want to build some muscle right? Well, congratulations because you’ve arrived at the right place. Because what I’m about to show you will allow you to create the body you have always dreamed of…

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Hi, my name’s Simon Black. I am the founder of Vegan Muscle, i’m an avid gym goer and I want to help with Bodybuilding For Vegans.. 

So, have you ever heard the saying ‘A Six Pack Is Built In The kitchen’? 

Because I did and I chose to ignore it… BIG MISTAKE 

This is because Diet is THE NUMBER ONE factor you HAVE to get right when building your physique… 

However, you may as well not even bother turning up at the gym. Because without the correct diet, you are just going to be spinning your wheels. 

Now for a meat eater diet is important 

But… for a vegan, diet is EVEN MORE IMPORTANT! 

Yes, you can live off fruit, vegetables and potatoes every day. However, it sure as hell isn’t going to build you any muscle… 

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Bodybuilding For Vegans

You see building muscle requires protein, something that meat has in abundance...

So, it’s a lot easier to be a little off with your diet. As a meat eater yet still get the required amount of protein per day to build and sustain muscle growth.

As a vegan, you’re not going to ‘accidentally’ hit your protein intake for the day. Instead you have to MAKE SURE everything you eat is contributing to this.

It doesn’t matter how hard you slog it out in the gym. In other words unless you are putting the correct foods into your mouth then NOTHING is going to happen.

Furthermore, not all proteins are created equal. The correct amino acid profiles are essential to the muscle building process, and a lot of plant based sources are incomplete.

To build quality muscle you need the correct proteins, fats, carbs and calories every day. These need to be based on your individual stats, activity levels and goals…

Which is why I created this unique system of Bodybuilding For Vegans….

It takes your stats, goals and food preferences and creates the perfect vegan meal plan for YOUR body…

All the hard work, the thinking and the planning, In other words, everything is done for you….

Simply download your shopping list from the members area and create the delicious meals that satisfy your personal macro nutrient needs.

Listen, bodybuilding For Vegans is actually pretty easy and it's pretty easy to build an impressive physique without eating meat. Furthermore, there are actually some pro bodybuilders that eat no meat whatsoever.

And many more amateurs…

So let’s make no mistake and contrary to what some people would have you believe. It is entirely possible to build an impressive muscular physique as a vegan.

BUT you have to know what to eat and when to eat it!

Personally, as a vegan gym goer I didn’t realise the importance of diet until later in life….

Now bearing in mind I never wanted to get huge. (although that is still just as possible for a vegan as a meat eater.) I did however want to look like I actually went to the gym. But let’s just say I was quite far away from that…

This was me as a 35 year old vegan…

Bodybuilding For Vegans

Believe it or not I actually went to they gym at least 5 or 6 days a week. However, I still looked like I had never picked up a weight in my life…

Fast forward 5 years and now at 40 years old I look like this…

After vegan muscle

Still vegan, no steroids or illegal supplements just Bodybuilding For Vegans. I actually go to the gym LESS now and spend less time IN the gym on each session…

So what changed?...

Well over the course of a few years I scientifically broke down everything I was doing. Therefore, I could understand how to improve my own body composition without meat…

I looked at which foods work best for building muscle based on their amino acid profiles.

The correct amount of protein, fats and carbohydrates needed to build muscle

The correct timing of each nutrient to control or spike insulin for maximum benefits

And the correct amount of calories based on my weight, height, daily activity levels and goals

I realised that each and every point is important. This is because it fits together like a puzzle to give you the best physique possible.

When I finally had this all dialled in. I could literally see my body start to change before my eyes and VERY fast…

It’s absolutely amazing the night and day difference between a bad diet and a good diet. Moreover, that doesn’t mean you have to eat bland boring meals because nobody wants that…

I’ve tried eating broccoli and rice and eggs for every meal and it simply isn’t sustainable, healthy or enjoyable

In conclusion, the good news is that there is no need to suffer. Because you can absolutely build the body of your dreams while eating a delicious and varied vegan diet…

Bodybuilding For Vegans, Is the Vegan Muscle Diet for you?

Firstly, on the next page of this website you will be asked a few questions. Don’t worry it won’t take longer than 30 seconds..

Male or Female...

Male Or Female

How active you are on a daily basis, also how many times per week you workout and your goals. Are they to build muscle or maintain muscle

how many times do you work out

Bodybuilding For Vegans

Each question is critical in building your personalised profile and meal plan

Next it’s going to ask you what foods you like….

This is very important because I believe what you eat on a daily basis HAS to be sustainable…

I don’t know about you but eating is actually a very enjoyable part of life for me and trying to force down tasteless meals each day is not something I want to do on a regular basis.

It’s best to pick as many foods as you can here so you can get a nice variation of recipes in your meal plan…

what foods

Lastly it will ask you your age, height, current weight and target weight

My software will then take all your answers into consideration. It will then create your very own personalised meal plan based on your current stats and goals…

Forget the cookie cutter meal plans sold by so called gurus online.

They are usually massively overpriced and contain the exact same thing for every client who buys it…

That will NEVER work because everyone is different, that’s why you NEED a customised plan that is personalised for YOU!

Every delicious meal has the correct amount of calories, protein, fats and carbs for your personal situation. Furthermore, they are all made with your favourite vegan ingredients.

Bodybuilding For Vegans

All you need to do is follow the instructions, it really is as simple as that.

I’ve removed all the hassle of eating as a vegan while building muscle…

You even get a downloadable weekly shopping list that breaks down everything you need to get to make each delicious recipe.

Fresh Vegetable Salad Recipe

Vegan Bodybuilding Fresh Vegetable Salad Recipe



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